Scalping Successfully In Forex Trading


scalping is a tool used by traders whowant to stay in the market for a short duration some trades can last minutes toan hour it all depends on what you set take profit and stop-lossis for this video let's say you focus on 10 standard pips which is a hundredmicro pips pips standing for point in percentage and if you have absolutely noidea what I'm talking about go on to baby pips calm or investopedia to studymore before returning to this video anyways if you open up your depth ofmarket on your meta trader platform which on PC is Alt + B and on yourmobile phone is well right in front of you most scalpers use this religiously as it automatically sets their stop loss and take profit before theyeven enter there are numerous ways to scalp you can high-pass cap on the1-minute time form which is quite hectic and I don't really recommend it forbeginners because price can move very fast and entering or exiting a coupleseconds too early or too late can lead to easy losses or easy money left on thetable what I do and recommend is focusing on the five-minute 15-minuteand 1 hour time frames you can set your support and resistance on the one-hourtime frames and can enter using the 15-minute or five-minute charts thereare numerous ways you can enter when scalping – top two favorite setups orreversals and retests primary reversals occur when we hit a strong support andresistance and price needs to gain more liquidity essentially more positionsfrom traders to break through it if you look at the last two when our candlesare we created they both left significant wicks which means we're morethan likely gonna be rejecting this price level and if you look below it andto our left we can see that there is a wick that needs to be filled so we aremore than likely gonna be in this case if we do reject this candle going downthere to gain more liquidity and possibly going back up and continuingthe bullish trend or reversing and just going downwards from here secondaryreversals occur when we break through a supportive resistance and need to pullback or retest this brings me to retest as I personally believe they are thebest way to enter in the forex market my confluence for this trade was that wewere in strong bearish momentum and we recently broke past a minor supportwhich means we had to come back up to retestthey now resistance so I took these cells knowing that there was apossibility of us going up and breaking past this resistance but because of thestrong brush momentum we were currently in I had a feeling that we were gonna begoing down and breaking through the previous support we just touchedthere are numerous quote unquote forex gurus out there that are gonna tell youwhat's the best and worse but remember that there are always different ways toattack the market why do you think your trading platform which in my case ismeditator provides so many different indicators I don't even know what themajority of them do price at the end of the day only moves up or down which iswhy I personally believe price action is key but hey if something is working foryou don't let my would influence your decision keep doing it at the end of theday I'm not paying your bills you are.

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Scalping Successfully In Forex Trading

How To Scalp in Forex with Forex Scalping Strategies! Forex Scalping Successfully!

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When I first began Forex I started off as a Swing Trader, but it really affected my sleep. I would wake up during the middle of the night to check my positions, even when my Stop Loss was in Profits! It wasn't healthy and I knew I needed to make a change. I switched over to scalping but originally had no idea what I was doing. I took my entry strategies from Swing Trading and implemented them into Scalping and Voila! I noticed a pattern. In this video I showcase two Forex trading scalping strategies I used when I first started scalping in Forex. No they are not the exact ones, they are just an overview, but if you can understand the pattern I present in the video, you may have just cracked the code! Free Education + Tons of Time and MONEY saved for YOU!