QTS Numeracy Test Demo: Currency conversion


QTS Numeracy Test Demo: Currency conversion

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Video Rating: / 5

QTS Numeracy Test Demo: Currency conversion

For access to all the demo videos subscribe to QTS Numeracy Essentials via

16 thoughts on “QTS Numeracy Test Demo: Currency conversion

  1. Hi Andy, I'm finding your 30 day course really helpful, but really could do with some more practice of the currency conversion questions, specifically. Do you have any worksheets just on these type of questions?

  2. Useful! I found Example 1 easier in Question 1. For question 2, I would have multiplied both sides by 10, so 25 francs equals 10 pounds, then 625 divided by 25, well, there are 4 x 25 in 100, so 6 X 4 = 24, plus the remaining 1X 25= 25. Multiply that by 10 to get £250

  3. Thank you. I passed my test yesterday. You are fantastic with with your working outs..

  4. Thank you so much, also I'm in love with your voice

  5. I have just passed my skills test…second attempt…..thank you soooooooo much for all the online support via youtube…I could not have done it without the help/advice given by you….All you gals and guys studying for your test listen to and following the advice on GA Numerical….He is a gem …Thank You

  6. Hi Andy, I just need some clarification on converting money. When you change euros to pounds, do you divide to get the answer? And when you convert pounds to euros do you multiply it? I always forgot which one's which!

    Thanks a lot! I hope you answer my question! 🙂

  7. The first method on the first question is so much easier for me to understand! Never looked at it that way. When I saw the fractions on the second method I panicked. Your videos are helping so much!

  8. I just passed my test today, thank you veryyyyyyy much Andy… Your videos were very helpful … I would definitely recommend them to every trainee teacher!

  9. Taking my test on the 19th of November, your videos on your website and on here have been a great help! Feeling more confident about the test now 😀 Btw im the girl who emailed you about the pass mark for the tests 😀

  10. I have my test in 3 weeks and I am dreading it – so much so I am putting off revision :S
    Going to get back onto the revision tomorrow but my main problem is the panic, when I try and few questions out alone I am fine, put me in front of someone or with a timer on, and I just cannot do it and shut down…!
    But I will keep on practising and like everyone keeps saying Keep Calm!
    Thanks for your helpful videos.

  11. I fucking lost my money to this shiy already filed a dispute and charged back as well as contacted police go fuck yourself

  12. Already had this app, am in the Netherlands bruh. Keep them cool vids coming!

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