Proven Secret to Forex Scalping- Do This Right Now!

hi I'm Scott Shubert with tradingmastermind and today I'm going to show you another aspect of how to master thebusiness of forex trading one that will enable you to rise above what everyoneelse is doing and make consistent profits so let's get started with thatright now so what is the one thing that makes all the difference if for instanceI look back at my results over any given period of time and I look at what otherpeople are doing what is the one thing that would enable you to get betterresults well besides understanding what is anentry and how to read the market even if you can do that the other thing would bewaiting until an entry forms and some people have told me over the years Ihave a very fast pace personality type so I can't really do this type oftrading like a swing trading or waiting at a day or two or waiting longerperiods of time to enter or to exit a trade because I have a really fast-pacedpersonality I need to get in on you get out I need to be trading all the timeand what they're actually saying is this is true what those people are actuallysaying is I am so incredibly weak and I have no character at all therefore Ican't discipline myself and wait until an entry forms I have to be getting intotraits when there is no entry and I can't actually discipline myself to dowhat would really work because I'm so weak I have to do something that's notworking so if you're one of those people who said you know I have a fast-pacedpersonality that's why I need to trade on the short-term timeframe and just getin and get out all the time that's what you're actuallysaying because you can look at the charts you can see whether they movedand whether there was any entries and so forth and once you can read the marketand see when does it turn and how often does it turn and why would you want toget into a trade so you'll realize that if you're going to get profit you can'tmake the market form an entry so therefore you have to wait until itforms an entry for instance information comes to us kind of slowly over a periodof time sometimes like for instance when I discovered that the Aussie pears madean end of a trend on the daily timeframe it was a beautiful perfect end of atrend but in reality this actually happened over the weekend with theopening of the market and the week before I told everyone this pear isabout to form and end of a trend it might do it at the end of the day onFriday in which case I've seen it happen before but normally you wouldn't even beconsidering entering the trade at the end of the day on Friday or it might itit might form it at the beginning of next week with the opening of the marketand that's what it actually did but the funny thing is the market gapped downand then gradually started to form this end of a trend so that it took time forus to be able to see that it had actually formed it and then by the timeit had formed it we go to the next shorter time frame this is the mostbeautiful and perfect example of an end of a trend and yet it was kind ofdifficult to execute the trade at the right time so then on the next shortertime frame it formed a perfect uptrend and then a correction going down thatwent down even more than I was expecting it to go thenanother end of a trend that took a lot of time for that to to form and in themeantime the market was going down and all of this stuff takes a long time andthis is why I continually encourage everyone to be able to look at a charton any time frame not just longer time frames but to identify and see foryourself where did the market actually turn and follow through with a turnbecause as I discussed in a previous video this is what's required to getprofit the market has to make a turn on some time frame even when a trend iscontinuing it's making a turn for an end of a correction on a shorter time frameand that turn can be identified if the mark is just continuing to go and you'relooking back at that thinking that that would be a good place to enter youyou're just fantasizing that you would like to have gotten in based on somekind of a luck but no luck is needed to identify the end of a correction toidentify the continuation of a trend because it forms a turning point that isidentifiable and if you can learn to read those you can look at any currencypair on any timeframe and discover where did it turn and then follow through withthat turn and that would be required in order to get profit from entering atrade if you enter a trade and that doesn't happen then you won't get profitone thing that I discovered every single time is that if I ever have any losingtrades it's not from entering not frequently enough is not from enteringtoo infrequently or not enough it's always from not waiting long enoughevery single time if there's a losing trade it's almost always caused by notwaiting long enough and you can see how many trades haveactually formed if you can understand how to read markets you can take a chartand identify where did it turn and where would you logically be able to interestrate and get profit from entering that trade you should be able to see ityourself and see how many times did it do that in the previous day and inprevious week in the previous month how many times did it do that and if youcan do that soon you will be seeing the same thing that I'm seeing you will seehow often would you want to enter a train well I would want to enter a tradewhen the market does that if it's not doing that I would not want to enter atrade because that would be stupid and I would lose so if you're one of thepeople that wants to keep on entering trades when you would lose that's not avery good idea may want to learn to read the market and enter the trades when themarket is turning and it's going to follow through with the turn and thatwould enable you to profit and the one thing that I have proven to be true isthat the most common reason for losing trades is from not waiting long so ifyou want to find out what actually works in trading go to trading mastermind com.

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Proven Secret to Forex Scalping- Do This Right Now!

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Being successful in any field often requires working against our normal human nature. Why expect that it would be any different in Forex trading or in mastering a winning Forex trading strategy?

We are taught that to be successful we need to TAKE ACTION NOW! But usually, in successful trading, that action would be to NOT ENTER A TRADE! Why would we enter a trade and take action unless we knew the market had formed some type of a turning point and that it would then begin moving into a new price range and not return for some time?

While our minds may have been conditioned all of our lives to take action and to expect immediate gratification seeing our accounts increasing every minute, a few people will eventually discover that if you want your account to increase in Forex trading you will need to make sure you only enter trades at key points when you have identified that the market is making a turning point. And to do that you would first need to learn how to identify when the market is making a turning point. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of time entering trades that don't work out.

So what exactly should you do right now? Immediately, as quickly as possible, wait until there is a trade. And while you are at it, you can breathe and relax or maybe go outside, do some yoga or qigong.
If you are a scalper or like using the most profitable scalping strategies this video has some excellent suggestions to help you get better results with that. Mainly, stop doing that! Whoever told you to do that probably had some agenda for telling you to do that and the agenda was not for you to get the best results possible.
Whether you use fundamental analysis and economic news, or you use technical analysis, price action, Elliot wave theory, or even chaos theory. In the U.K. you may be looking for speed betting strategies during the London session or the Asian session. No signals and no indicators in this method!