Process Mining Oracle EBS Order to Cash – Uninvoiced Sales Orders


When opening the App “Uninvoiced Sales Orders”,you get insight into Sales Orders without an invoice and enables you to analyze yourcurrent as-is process and implement process improvements.

Not sending an invoice on timehas a major impact on your Days Sales Outstanding, Cash Flow and the health of your company.

At first glance, you see right away the numberof Sales Orders that don't yet have an invoice, 889 relative to the total number of SalesOrders of over 42 thousand.

On this sheet you can see the different processvariants of the Order-to-Cash process.

This process has many different variants.

By addingvariants, you will be able to gain insight into all the different variants and how oftenthese occur.

When we play the second variant it shows which activities this process variantconsists of and it shows in which order these activities take place.

The Overview-sheet contains filters, so youcan focus on categories like Order Category, Order Type, or which Customer has the mostSales Orders without an invoice.

You can see how easy it is to set the filters here.

First,it’s set to status Shipped and subsequently filtered on the customer AT&T Universal Card.

This instantly shows you which orders match these criteria and how many days have passedsince the actual shipment date.

136 days have passed for order 600360.

All of the filters are directly applied toall KPI’s and all other sheets.

This shows that the number of Sales orders without aninvoice for the current selection is 53.

Reduce your number of unvoiced sales orders,with the help of Celonis Process Mining.

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Happy Process Mining!.

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Process Mining Oracle EBS Order to Cash - Uninvoiced Sales Orders

Process Mining O2C - Uninvoiced Sales Orders Oracle EBS