Post FOMC Trade Updates Sep18 by Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan


Hey everybody its Hari Swaminathanit's 4:20 just wanted to catch up on our trades big day big day with the FOMCstatement a complete shocker even to all the professionals that there is no tape at all so obviously the markets shut off like arocket and so we tried to position well I was onlywanted about Google to tell you the truth whether it would make a huge moveand it did so anyway let's start with APPLE we first thing in the morning well youknow we moved it over to the 500 510 which is which is i think agood move because if you look at APPLE now it is positioned right in the middle solet me take this off yeah so so this is a good condor to beon Apple then I'll next one is Gold, Gold made amassive move today after the Fed statement so you can see Gold position today was up 1100 so Gold was up GLD was up five dollars andtwenty three cents which means slashed GC is going to be a fifty-five dollars um so Straddle is a is up now it it was down on athousand dollars but now it's come back to a positive position so nowI think it should be bullish because if themarkets go up there is no taper that means the dollar isgetting weekend if the dollar gets weekend Gold increases in value so that's basicallyhow it works alright so GMCR again we did a minor adjustment via at80 the GMCR as 86.

6 we did a scratchtrade actually but now this is good so if youanalyze GMCR I think this week we have a shot at let me see them me to take this offarm and if you look at GMCR this is what thegraph looks like we are at the 85 call but we have apositive delta because of 80 long straddlethe 80 call is going to be deepened deep in the money but the way to look atit is if you look at it from this angle we may need to shut down the calltomorrow and because if GMCR continuesthen we don't want to do that even though we have a positive delta onthe overall position but we might want to shut down the short call alright so let move on from GMCR Google was the one thatreally got us today so made a huge move I was thinking therewas a good profit of seven thousand dollars yesterday but you know unfortunately Google made amassive move I was worried about Google whether itwould react it would overreact the Fed statementcomes and that's exactly what it did but regardless we closed the 910 call there was first of allwe closed the 868 50 today for a four thousand dollar profit then we closed the 910 call fora 2900 dollar profit so that's a total of six thousand ninehundred but had a loss of 2200 that people carrying so that brings us down to forty sevenhundred we already pocketed 4700 on Google right now the position isshowing the open positions are showing twothousand dollar loss however we have the ability to make 3400 so which means 3400 plus this 2000 so which would beanother 5,000 so we'll see how it goes there's not a whole lot of time there'sonly 2 days left we've moved short call to over to 9:15 so you cansee on the call side now we only have a five dollar spread because I believethe risk is to the upside so I wanted to reduce the strikeprice with on the call side but on the put side we have a tendollar with and you can see that position is alreadyup by about 1200 and we still have under the 1800 to goon that so we could come out pretty good onGoogle but the you know I frankly yesterday at aseven thousand dollar profit you know I think we should have at least taken half of Ithink so anyway that's for another day LinkedInagain we turned it into iron condor for the FOMC andthat's doing pretty good LinkedIn is up couple dollars that's fine are shorts on it to $32.

25 and I mean the put side is to $32.

25 the call side is 265 270 that looksfairly okay at this point Mastercard may also made a big movetoday and it is up about eight bucks on out this is atrade that we might have to adjust whether it's tomorrow orday after we'll see but the overall position is down 200 however we've take a nine hundred dollar losson this you know on this role here so you knowthat's in my journal that shows as a a thousand dollar loss I think yeahalright so Netflix again did okay it wasup quite a bit but we are up on this position now weshould adjust Netflix now so for example we areat 330 335 you can see that there are full five hundreddollar profit so I think the safe thing to do would be tomove this over to 340 345 I think we should do that adjustmentsometime either tomorrow or Friday so this week we'll focus on you knowgetting these adjustments right and go from there TESLA was flat and now the short put we didn't do anything to it todaybecause there was just too much going on but you can see this is almost at fullprofit this only about forty five dollars left so tomorrow we'll close this out and we'lldo it again will do it again one more week we do this we should be up of about fifteenhundred dollars and that's it we can exit the trade and of course on a day like this withsuch huge movement you can see both the Holy Grail trades did very well today at the SPX trade wasup for four thousand dollars today and already have four thousand so 8,000 all that was an 8% returnin 18 days and we close the russles also at apretty decent return that went for what fifty 50 days butwe had a return of close to 14% 15% so we close both of those and so all righthave a great evening everybody will speak to you tomorrow thanks, bye bye.

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Post FOMC Trade Updates Sep18 by Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan

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