VO2 Max Test

Probably the first and last time I’ll be able to do this.


VO2 Max: 62ml.kg-1.min-1
Max Heart Rate: 198
Respiratory Exchange Ratio: 1.24
Rate of Perceived Exertion: 17
Blood Lactate: 10.0

Garmin Connect Data: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/255651432

Music: “Min la Vita” by Knarsetand (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Knarsetand/NEW_70/11_Knarsetand_-_Min_la_Vita)

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#VergeDay in Silicon Valley with Pornhub, Bridgette B and Alix Lynx

The Future Has Cum. One day you’ll tell your grandchildren about this monumentous date: April 17th 2018, the day it all changed. To celebrate Pornhub’s partnership with Verge Currency, we took it to Silicon Valley with Bridgette B, Alix Lynx and a special crew to make it chain!

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16.04.19 DevResults – Cloud-based Software for Development Projects & Data

In April, 2014, we presented a case study on DevResults, a popular tool for tracking, using, and reporting data. A lot has changed since then: DevResults now has an expanded suite of features that help you to map, analyze, and manage international development programs. We felt it would be of benefit to our community to revisit this interesting cloud-based solution.

Managing foreign aid programs is hard. Software can’t do everything, but it can make much of your everyday work easier: collaborating; tracking tasks and workflows; and most importantly, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. Donors and beneficiaries alike are demanding more transparency and accountability. Better data can make international development more effective. DevResults is contributing to the development data revolution from the ground up — by building data into well-designed tools that make life easier for practitioners and managers in the field. These tools include:

– A management dashboard for international development projects
– An interactive mapping tool to view activities in their geographical context
– Systematic monitoring & evaluation using your program’s results framework
– Collaboration tools, including shared calendars, notes and comments, photo gallery, and document library
– Workplan, budgeting, and currency conversion tools

Join Herb Caudill, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of DevResults, along with one of their NGO clients to learn more about DevResults.

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