Money: Cuban Currency


okay guys I wanted to tell you real quick about money the money situation here in Cuba there are two currencies the C U P which is the cuban peso also known as Moneda Nacional it's the money that the Cuban Nationals use and then there is the C U C which is the convertible the Cuban convertible peso that's the one that the tourists get and any the Cuban nationals can have the cuc but it's expensive the CUC is tied to the dollar more or less so it's a one-to-one ratio the C U P is about 25 or so to one dollar when you come here you'll get C U C and most of the places if not all the places you'll go to take C U C if you want to go on to it into a place you can get pesos and you get there the lot cheaper even with the C U C it's not that expensive here.

prices are rising but it's not that expensive.

here two important tips though first is if you are an American your credit card and your ATM card they will not work here so you need to make sure that you come here with all of the money that you need for your entire trip yes that means you're going to need to come here with a very uncomfortable amount of cash in your pocket you can't use dollars in Cuba but they will exchange your dollars when you get here if you're exchanging dollar a 10-percent fee is added on in addition to whatever exchange rate fee is charged so if the exchange rate fee is like three to five percent you're going to add another ten percent on that means when you get here you're going to lose about thirteen to fifteen percent of your money just for exchanging dollars what I recommend is getting Euro or getting Canadian dollar before you leave come here exchange that and then you're at about a three to I think it was about a three and a half percent exchange rate or so you'll save a lot of money again come here with all the cash you need a guy got off the plane with me and we're getting in the change line to go exchange money and he goes up to the ATM and he couldn't understand why is ATM card didn't work and it was then he's like wait I don't have any money how do I get money whoa camera almost blew away in my next video I'm going to talk about I have no idea what I'm a taco bell but it's another video coming with more stuff right here from Cuba by all right guys Wi-Fi is offered at parks and in order to access that you have to buy one of these cards from the government nine dollars i think you know you're an hour and just to kinda give you perspective again the average monthly income here it's about twenty to twenty-five dollars.

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Money: Cuban Currency

There are two currencies in Cuba; The Peso (cup) and the Convertible Peso (cuc). If you are American you will need to bring money with you because your credit and debit cards do not work there. I recommend bringing Euro or Canadian dollars to exchange for Cuban currency. Exchanging US dollars will add additional fees.