Mid-August Is A Critical Turning Point For US Stocks

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Our cycle and predictive modeling solutions have been suggesting that Mid-August 2019 will likely prompt a significant inflection point in the US stock markets and we have been trying to warn our followers about this for decades.  Our continued efforts to recognize this large breakdown price move in term of time and expected range have led us to think the outcome could be at least a -10% to -13% downside price meltdown — possibly bigger.

Our research team now believes that August 19 (+/- 5 days) will likely be the critical price inflection point/price apex that we have been looking for.  Our cycle along with other predictive modeling programs are indicating that this date will become critical for its markets future price trends and current support/resistance levels.  We think that some kind of new occasion or price event will take place sometime between August 14 and August 19 and this event will cause a new bearish price tendency installment to violate current support levels as well as start a downside cost move that should attempt a minim of -10% to -13percent prior to attempting to find support.
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Chris Vermeulen —  TheTechnicalTraders.com
To begin with, the cost must try to attain the Apex of the Pennant formation, and then attempt a breakout/breakdown move.  We think the breakdown move is the higher likelihood of this Pennant formation according to technical and cost layout details.

We recommend traders to understand the dangers which are currently prevalent in the markets as costs continue to trade near all-time highs.  Our suggestion is to pull on 40% to 60 percent off the very best straight now (or before early August) in preparation for the next cost spinning.

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We believe there is a strong likelihood that the crucial psychological rates ($300 SPY, $3000 ES and $30k INDU) are very most likely to be breached during this Q2 earnings season.  We think that crucial psychological price level may be the”trigger point” to get an immediate price change and the beginning of the setup for our expected August 19 cost collapse.

See the US Dollar, Gold, Oil and the Transportation Index for signs of weakness that may erode price support before the August 19th date.
This VIX Weekly graph highlights our expectations in terms of future VIX activity and the initiation of their VIX SPIKE which will match our expectations of a price collapse in the US stock exchange.  We consider the VIX amount will continue to move moderately higher over the next two to three months before the August 19 date — maybe as high as 16 to 18.  We consider the VIX will begin the spike transfer from degrees near 14 to 16 (only before August 19).

From TheTechnicalTraders.com
This DIA Weekly graph shows a similar price pattern, even though the Pennant formation is somewhat harder to see.  The Pennant formation with this DIA graph is installed across the Dual Top price level, close to $269.50, along with the up sloping cost channel line (RED LINE).  The 2018 heavy price low places up”leg 1″ and we all think we’ve finished”leg ” of this Pennant formation already.  That leads us to believe the Double Best formation in conjunction with our other research elements suggests the markets are setting up for a sideways/rounded top creation over the next 20 to 30+ times prior to beginning a moderate breakdown cost move led into August 19, 2019.

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As a technical analysis and dealer since 1997, I have been through several bull/bear market cycles. I believe I have a fantastic pulse on the industry and timing key turning points for both short-term swing trading and long term investment capital. The opportunities are massive/life-changing if handled properly.

This TRAN weekly graph clearly shows the Pennant formation (BLUE LINES) along with the critical price support channel (Upward sloping RED LINE) we think are critical to the future result of this breakdown price movement installment happening on August 19, 2019.
Once the breakdown move begins, price support close to the purchase price station (RED LINE) will become critical as a future service level.  If this amount is broken, then we think the TRAN may attempt to fall into levels near the middle of the Standard Deviation price channel array — roughly $4000.