maz jobrani – Exchange Rate & Tipping Rules( greek sub- stand up με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους )


Someone who has traveled abroad recently? where did you go; in Dubai, God, do you remember the match dollars and dirham? 3.

67 Yes, exactly this is the most difficult part of travel, the exchange rate it's never 1 to 5 or 1 to 10, it's never the basic math you learn at school is it always 1 to 3.

67, who does this kind of math? if they say $ 7, '' 7 to 3.

67, wait, 7 times 3.

67, divide it by 4.

" is messy Every time I go somewhere in the first week I have no idea how much I spend I have the impression that you are giving them dollars and returning money from the monopoly I have no idea, I went to Lebanon, I gave the press 100 dollars he returned 53,000 Lebanese pounds I thought he was wrong yes, I got my husband phone '' We are rich, we are rich bought the furniture, bought the furniture do not worry about how I found the money, just buy it upstairs yes i bought a lot too why not the next day I went to buy chewing gum and tells me "make 52,000 pounds" I took my husband '' we are a mattress returned the furniture, chewing gums are expensive in Lebanon! '' The biggest interference in travel is the tip in some places you have to give in others, in some places it is considered an insult I believe that when you check passports you have to tell the rules of the bourboule when you arrive in Australia '' Welcome to Australia, here we are not giving tips but if you liked the food fought with the waiter '' Incidentally, if anyone is from Australia I know it was the worst accent he ever had I come out to make the pirate Australia.

I went to Sweden and there should not be a tip, it is an insult I tried it and when they say not in Swedish they say "new" '' new '' sounds very sexually and I say to the waitress define and say "new, new" and answer 'whether to live or not to live?' I tried '' new, new '' and I say 'wherefore art thou' '(verse by Romeo and Juliet) I thought he wanted to rehearse Shakespeare someone told me "I just fucked does not want the tip" some places are just the opposite.

I went to Dubai, there are many Indians there.

Many mercenaries who are not paid well.

There was an Indian cleaning the room in the hotel I was staying and I gave him 10 dollars, I think I paid him the installment of the mortgage loan for this month because as long as I stayed there every time I walked out of my room this guy was thrown behind different plants and it was offered to clean my room again.

Every time, "Hello sir, can I clean your room again? '' already for me.

'' I would like to do it again '' the room is very clean '' I want to make it very clean '' my son calmed '' Sir, I was thinking about your room all night I have ideas for your room sir.

Sir, please give me a chance, only one opportunity, only one, only one an opportunity, just an opportunity, an opportunity.

♪ An opportunity, an opportunity, an opportunity, two, opportunity three opportunity, four opportunity, opportunity ♪ Yes! It was shot in Bollywwod.

His cousins ​​appeared from nowhere.

♪ Enough-opportunity, give him a blessing, an opportunity, two opportunity, opportunity.

An opportunity, opportunity-opportunity, three opportunity ♪ Two hours bollywood movie All right, clean the room.

Sometimes they are so commendable who will bring gifts from their home to show you they appreciate you.

'' Sir, I would like to tell you how I appreciate you I would like to show you my appreciation I would like to say to you, I appreciate you we have a saying in India '' when you appreciate someone, you appreciate them It sounds more poetic in Hindi in English is shit, it does not work Anyway, sir, I wanted to tell you that I have a gift from me to you, from my home to you from my house to you, from me to you, from my house to you, to me to you.

here is my wife and my children, please take them ♪ just give them a chance, opportunity-opportunity, three chance ♪.

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maz jobrani - Exchange Rate & Tipping Rules( greek sub- stand up με ελληνικούς υπότιτλους )

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