Make the economy scream – trailer

Have you ever thought why politicians and the media in your country are so thrilled about the shortage of toilet paper in Caracas? Why Venezuela is among the best countries for Bitcoin mining? Who controls the Instagram account that determines the daily exchange rate of the dollar in the black market? And is it really socialism that brought down to its knees the country with the biggest proven oil reserves in the world?

Make the economy scream, a new documentary film on Venezuela by Aris Chatzistefanou, had its world premiere on the 21st Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival and won the Youth Jury, Best film award.

With the help of well-known economists, journalists and politicians, the documentary explains the process of Venezuela’s economic collapse.

Make the economy scream is the fifth crowd-funding project of Moviementa Productions after the award winning documentaries Debtocracy, Catastroika, Fascism Inc and This Is Not A Coup. You can learn more and support our projects at

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