Lonnie Brooks / Trading Post


Lonnie Brooks / Trading Post


A look at the Trading Post building where you can trade Garrison resources or Profession materials for each other. It also opens up a new faction and allows the use of an Auctioneer too !!

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Lonnie Brooks / Trading Post

29 thoughts on “Lonnie Brooks / Trading Post

  1. The staff you have, what is the price on it? i sold it and i hope its not a ton of gold… 🙁

  2. Confirmed picked up lev 2 trading post at level 95, prob can get it at 94 or earlier, Near the end of completing the Gorgron questlines you will get a lev 2 pattern you can turn into the vendor at ashran and obtain the lev 2 trading post so you can start getting the parts needed from monsters as you level in the lands.

  3. So, the auctioneer…  Level with the barn at level 1 picking up small trees on your quest routes, until you are able to make garrison level 2s and swap to the Trading post. You can not collect the auction parts until it is level 2 and you cant make that until your about level 96 or 98.  So stick with the barn level 1 until then.  some of the auction part drops can go for around 10k gold on most servers as of right now.

  4. ARCANE CRYSTAL MODULE (invasions and raids)
    arcane crystal casing (highmaul)
    arcane crystal conduit (highmaul)
    arcane crystal amplifier (highmaul)
    arcane crystal focusing lens (invasion)
    ((farm from iron docks normal Fleshrender Nok'gar:attack dreadfang to 50% then swap to Nok, kill reset))
    auction memory socket
    auction connecting valve
    auction A.D.D.O.N.S installer
    UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE MODULE (killing ashran mobs)
    universal language compensator
    universal language filter
    universal language repository
    SUPER COOLING MODULE (creatures from shadowmoon/talador/nagrand)
    ((farm riot blossoms and riverbeasts in shadowmoon around cave))
    super cooling regulator
    super cooling tubing
    super cooling coolant
    super cooling pump
    CYCLICAL POWER MODULE (creatures from frostfire/gorgrond/spires)
    ((farm slagmaw nibblers NE frostfire)
    cyclical power converter
    cyclical power housing
    cyclical power framing
    cyclical power sequencer

  5. I have found that that the trading post is very useful when you just hit garrison level 2, as level 3 requires 2000 garrison resources. beyond that, it's not that useful.

  6. I hope their is an azchat right now, I need to here someone berate blizzard for the constant server crashes, 80 second lag broken quests, 3+ hour ques.

  7. As good a video as any to ask.

    Firstly I wanted to say that I really appreciate your videos, they're fun, they're interesting and entertaining, I'm a big Warcraft fan and a big WoW fan (even though I kinda fucked off after Cata, only playing time-to-time, but now going to return for WoD), and I think your vids are informative, hilarious or hilariously informative, maybe informatively hilarious. 
    Thanks for what you're doing – keep doing it.

    Now to the actual question – How in the sod did you come up with your nickname? xD

  8. Out of all the beta testers vids I think yours are some of the best. Could you do a video about outposts and the different building options they have and their effects on garrison. I didn't get to beta test much at all and got as far as talador. In Gorgrond I had the option of choosing gladiator ring or lumber mill. I went with the ring. If I had chosen Lumber Mill is it basically the same as having a LM in my main garrison? Could I have 2 Lumber Mills? That sort of thing. Well it might all be moot questions since tonight is launch and I will be able to explore myself. Anyway Cheers! Good stuff!

  9. I have a question about building time. Does that one hour of building time counts ONLY when you are online, ONLY when you are online on that toon's garrison or even if you are offline?

  10. Question. If I were to break down any of my plots, but decide to bring it back some time later, will I have to do everything in it all over again or will it be just where I left it off before I tore it down?

  11. What is your suggestion about which buildings should I build with my main and which ones with my alts?(got 22 charas btw on the same server,11 for each faction)

  12. Hey Heel / Babyface Thanks alot for all your Work on WoD videos and… for the Garrison but i have a problem. and cant find any answers to it any where.. i have seen all your videos and many other peoples videos to. searched on MMO champion wowhead and so on… but no can tell my about my question my problem is with enchanting tradeskill plus the Garrison enchating study… let take the blacksmith. if i got BS on my char and tradeskill and i build the BS in my Garrison i get the bonus that i can create epic armor there is not soulbound . but the items is now bind on equip. thats the bonus for have the tradeskill along with the Building in your Garrison… but i dont seem to find any bonus for have the enchanting tradeskill anymore. where is the secret bonus you get for have enchanting tradeskill on your char and then have the Building in the Garrison… what Little love bonus do enchanters get for having boths like the Blacksmithing. ?? i realy hope you can help my on that thanks Again and have a nice WoDay 😉

  13. So if you make the trading post, and get the new reputation seller to appear, do they then disappear again if you get rid of the trading post?

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