Liftoff Tutorial – Enabling International Currency Conversion

If you have not already, log into yourLiftoff Dashboard and navigate to Site Settings.

Under Site Settings, you'llnotice an option called Currencies.

Within Currencies, you have the option toselect any currency you wish to make available to your Liftoff website.

Thereare hundreds of currencies available on the exchange in real time.

Go ahead andselect the currencies that you wish to implement on your website.

For thistutorial, we're going to choose Europe.

Once you've made your selections,navigate to the bottom of the screen and click Save Changes.

If you have selectedonly one currency for your website, that currency will become your defaultcurrency of display for all users of your website.

Liftoff currency conversionallows you to establish different points of currency for each user on yourwebsite.

To illustrate this, let's go to Usersand find a user on your website that you wish to test with.

At the bottom of theEdit user screen you'll notice there is a currency drop-down.

By default, this isUS Dollar.

For a demonstration, we're going to select Europe.

Once you've made that change, click Save Changes to test.

our recent implementation of currencyconversion for this user.

Let's go to our Mia's bakery website.

We're going toorder an item and notice that instantly the currency is converted to euros.

Let'sadd this to our Cart.

Please note that anywhere you travel as this userthroughout the site, this user will see euro for all display pricing.

Exchangerates are updated multiple times throughout the day.

and at the time thatyour user places the order they will have a note indicating the most recenttime the exchange has been updated.

As a website administrator, you have theability to see the currencies your users checked out with in your View PendingOrder screen, and your Standard Order screens.

Note that in the order screen, itmentions the type of currency that user selected and a currency from US Dollarto the currency of choice.

This information will change for each userand each order based off of the current selections that were made at the timethat they were ordering, and that concludes today's tutorial! Thank you!.

Source: Youtube

Liftoff Tutorial - Enabling International Currency Conversion

In this tutorial we explore setting up your Liftoff site so that users can see transactions in currency converted from USD to any currency available on the open exchange. Please note that all currency is still based in USD when processed.