Investors Are Focused on Brexit Vote

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The US dollar dropped against a basket of major currencies despite the publication of positive economic data from the united states. Therefore, the central retail sales index rose by 0.9% in January, although experts expected growth by just 0.4%. Retail sales also climbed by 0.2percent in January, but specialists didn’t expect growth. The dollar index (#DX) closed the trading session in the zone (-0.10%).

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The exact time of this vote on the Brexit arrangement isn’t yet understood.
– UK GDP data at 11:30 (GMT+2:00);

Right now, the 10-year US government bonds yield is at 2.66-2.67 percent.
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Even the “black gold” costs continue to grow. At the moment, futures for its WTI crude oil have approached $57.10 per barrel.
Investors are concentrated on Brexit. Today, the House of Commons of the UK should start voting for the Brexit agreement, presented by Prime Minister, Theresa May. Throughout the very first vote, the European Parliament rejected the Prime Minister’s deal. In case the revote again fails, then the events can develop in two scenarios: that the UK will depart the EU without an agreement, and also the Brexit date is going to be rescheduled. Yesterday, Theresa May also triumphed to concur with the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, on a legally binding instrument on the backstop — a backup insurance program for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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