Interest rates and the effect on exchange rates

Interest rates and the effect on exchange rates

You wanted an explanation. Here it is.
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See the best way to exchange currency in Bangkok International Airport and Pattaya.

In this video, I’m going to compare the currency exchange rate inside Thailand International Airport vs the currency exchange rate in Pattaya City. You will see which of the two places have the best currency exchange rate.

At the end of the video, I will give you information on the best way to exchange currency in Thailand and information on how to avoid the 200-baht ATM fee. It’s cheaper than money transfer from overseas.

This is not an international wire transfer – it’s a new and clever way to transfer your money to Thailand or overseas.


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Interest rates and the effect on exchange rates

You wanted an explanation. Here it is.

22 thoughts on “Interest rates and the effect on exchange rates

  1. Trying to find a solution to earn via Foreign exchange. You can just google "Forex Profiter V3.1" and buy it.

  2. what about the disincentivising effect on investment brought about by a rise in interest rates? does that not cause a fall in aggregate demand and thus a fall in the rate of inflation?

  3. high interest rates in the short term are good for the currency, but a month or more down the road are bad for the currency.

  4. What is the effect of savers looking to get a higher interest rate? If banks in another country are willing to pay a higher interest rate for my savings, wouldn't I want to take advantage of this?

  5. Nice explanation Mike…. I have to say that even at universities we dont get it …. usualy they say exactly the opposite… rates up currency up….rates down currency down hahaha… Jesus where should I throw my degree out hahahaha

  6. Peter Schiff was wrong, haha!
    What happens when every currency simultaneously raises its rates, the perception of an individual currency dropping in FOREX disappears? So is general price inflation then the only indicator?

  7. "Hungary may cut its interest rate by more than 15 basis points […] given recent currency strenght..ING says"
    again… "HCB wants to avoid a strong currency further weighing on inflation…" (read coupla days ago on fxtrade OANDA)
    LOWERING rates!…So WTF there it goes again and these people are running central banks?..

  8. how do the pattaya exchange shops make there money giving a higher exchange they cant sell back to the bank at a lower rate any ideas

  9. Best exchange rates at Suvarnabhumi are found at the basement level, from the booths near the train station, almost level with the rates in Pattaya

  10. if you are a Chinese, use wechat to pay instead of currency, because wechat transactions are settled with RMB.

  11. Ohh god dollars here in Bangkok so very low it's better u change first your dollar into baht before u coming Just an advice who are tourist to coming here

  12. The average tourist isn't going to open a Thai bank account. I don't even think you are allowed to open one if you are on a 30 day tourist visa.

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