Import preconverted actuals currency values into a model: SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (2017.01.0)

Normally, when we create a model that uses currency conversion, we set the desired local currencies in the Currency column of the Organization dimension, and import data in these currencies.

When we view the data in stories, the values we imported are converted to the model’s default currency using the exchange rates in the model’s currency conversion table.

If we want, we have the option to import preconverted actuals in addition to the values in local currencies, so the default currency values for the Actuals are not calculated using exchange rates from the conversion table.

First, we need to open the model preferences.

and set the default currency to the currency for which we will be importing the preconverted actuals.

For this example, we will be importing the values in Euros.

Next, we need to ensure that Currency Conversion is enabled.

and turn on the Preconverted Actuals option.

Note that these preferences must be set before any data has been imported into the model.

When we import actuals data into the model, our data source needs to contain two columns that we will map as measures: One for the local currency values, where values are entered in different currencies for different regions as specified in the model, and one that contains the preconverted actuals, which are all in the model’s default currency.

When we map the column listed as SignedData, we need to ensure that the column’s currency format is set as Local Currency.

When we map the preconverted actuals column, we need to ensure that the currency format is set to Default Currency.

When we have finished the mapping and create tables based on the model, the values that display by default are the preconverted actuals.

To display the local currency values, we need to add the Calculations measure to the table, and set the filter to display local currencies.

Now both the preconverted actuals and local currency values display.

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Import preconverted actuals currency values into a model: SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (2017.01.0)

In this video tutorial, you'll review the model settings and data import process to work with preconverted actuals, rather than using the model's currency conversion table to convert from local currencies to the default currency.