How to Trade Forex Successfully


Hey everybody, Josh Greeson here from Forex Bootcamp.

Have you been wanting to learn to trade on the Foreign Exchange market, but you just don't know where to start? Or maybe you've already started, and you're kind of muddling through; but you haven't yet figured out a system that consistentlyworks and brings you profits.

If you're in either one of those two categories, I'm here to help you, so please stop scrolling for a second–Hear me out.

This minute or two you spend with me could cut months–if not years–off of your learning curve toward becoming a successful forex trader.

i'm here to tell you about the best and most proven system of forex trading education, tools, mentoring and strategies availablein the world–hands down, bar none.

So first and foremost is the education.

We send you through our Basic Trading Academy–you get a little bit of terminology and how the market works, just so we can push you in theright direction; but we know, you know, of course you want to make money right away–we get it.

So we made a way for you to do that–even when you know little to nothing about the Forex How did we do that? With an app on your smartphone and a team of professional traders who do all the hard work.

So they do all the charting, the analysis,they find the highest probability trades on the market.

They send that information as an alert–atrade idea–right to your phone.

All you have to know how to do is copy and paste three numbers–that's it– Copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste– BOOM! You're in the profits, and you're taking advantage of their years of experience and expertise.

So that's the first tool, and then, you know, so–free money is good–I understand that.

I mean, freebies? I'm all about free money–I'll take it, don't get me wrong; but.

the ultimate goal is to get you to become a successfultrader on your own where you don't have to rely on other traders to send you free money, right? So back to the education.

You do the intermediate and advanced education, and all along this way, you also get access to over 70 hours per week of live, onlinementoring and training with professional traders.

These guys and girls–some of them are 6-and 7-figure-earning traders.

You're looking right over their shoulder,learning how they chart and do analysis; and you're asking questions, you're getting answers, and you're really just kind of learning how to apply the knowledge that you've been gaining in the Academy.

So that's, again, a piece of the education;but beyond that, we have more tools besides the free copy-and-paste one.

You get the Harmonic Scanner.

This thing–OK, harmonic patterns.

It was discovered that the markets move in patterns, and when certain patterns appear in the market movement, the next move of the market is highly predictable, with 80-90% accuracy.

Now, in the old days, you had to spend hours in front of the charts finding these things on your own, drawing your own patterns, it was just nuts; but thank God for the age of computers, OK! We have software that does all the hard work.

It scans all of the charts 24/7, finds theseharmonic patterns, and when it does, it gives them to you! All you have to do is enter the trade.

It tells you right there–the stop-loss, theentry point, the take profit point.

You can enter it or not enter it, it's upto you; but these are high probability trades! We also have a Web Analyzer that runs 24/7 and gives you 30-80 per day high probability potential trade entries.

and we'll teachyou the strategies on how to take that information and turn it into more profits.

Also, you can be in our Facebook groups on our teams, and we'll give you all the support and encouragement, Q-and-A help you need along the way.

We're here as a team to do this thing together.

We also have exclusive tools on our team that the rest of our company doesn't even have! And these things are mind-blowing! I can't even talk about them on this advertisement; but I'm happy to tell you about it in private if we do a one-one-one or something.

But anyway, if you want more info about this program, all you have to do is write the word "INFO" in the comments and I will send you a PM with a link to a video and a link to our Closed Facebook group.

You get in there, we're happy to answer allof your questions, take you on a private tour behind-the-scenes of any of these tools, answer all of your questions–whatever you want to know.

And then, we'll join hands with you when you become a member, and walk you from wherever you are into Forex and crypto trading success, OK? We look forward to serving you any way we can.

Write the word "INFO," Like and Share if you like this video, share it if you know anyone else that could use this information.

We'll talk to you soon.

Have a great day!.

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How to Trade Forex Successfully

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