How to MASTER any Forex Trading Strategy – Forex ESSENTIAL!


what is going on YouTube my name isSangev and today I'm gonna be showcasing to you guys how to master anytrading setup and essentially become consistent at extracting profits fromthe foreign exchange market let's get right with itthe best way to increase profitability in forex isn't necessarily from readingand attaining as much knowledge as possible from books yes it is importantto comprehend the fundamentals but gaining spins from marketing Titan isthe best way to come out on top although you shouldn't be watching themarket the entire day you should be focusing on mastering a certain time andmarket hours for you to trade let's say I only trade London open which is 12a.


Pacific Standard Time for me if I want to check in real-time marketstructure I would only be given the chance to look at that setup of themarket five times a week because Forex of course is only open from Sunday at 2p.


Pacific Standard Time to closed which is on Friday at 2 p.


PacificStandard Time once again so I would like to increasethe number of times I'm able to trade those hours and essentially back test mytrading strategies during that time period the best way to do this isthrough forex emulation which allows you to go back to previous market hours andessentially trade as if it were real time let's now go to my trading platformand check out how I trade using my favorite simulator soft for FX theyoffer a demo version of the application but it is limited to a certain amount oftrades you can take per session that you create so I highly recommend purchasingthe full version to give you the full access of what the application andsimulator has to offer which is a lot it's $100 USD but it is well worth theamount of money and experience you will gain in the long run it's one of theapplications are used religiously and always recommend to anybody wanting tobegin their Forex careers the link for this application will be in thedescription I partnered with them for this video so purchasing using myaffiliate link would be greatly appreciated and would show your love andsupport for this channel anyways from here I am able to load up any chartstime frames and currency pair that I feel free to choose we can also load aneconomic calendar so we can see what is happening throughout the day was wetrade during the timeframe of our selection when we download the selectedpair of our choice we have the option to trade from beginning of the market whichwas in 2003 – and the new current date whichis in 2018 my pair of choices you J so we will be using that for now let's goto the London open and check how easy it is to replay and essentially work offprevious market structure this allows you to perfect any trading strategy asyou can trade at any time you choose cutting down the learning curve ofmastering a set up and gaining an abundant amount of chart time andexperience so here you can see me taking a trade once London opened with visualmode you can choose where you want to place your stop loss and take profit orif you want you can set the exact amount of pips right here from the get-go youcan speed up the chart with this slider and you can easily fast-forward orrewind to previous candlesticks with these two buttons here one thing I liketo do is to open up the toolbox to give you to see the amount of pips each tradeis at this allowed me to reduce my drawdown when taking positions you canalso set any pending orders over here which allows you to execute positionsonce a market has reached a certain level I highly recommend using Penningsbecause you can essentially wait for price to come to you instead of chasingit after you finish trading you can exportyour statistics to an Excel spreadsheet where you can see all the positions youtook you can also save the simulation so you can begin where you left off this isfantastic as you can also look back and check what works for you and what didn'tthat is all for this tutorial ladies and gentlemen remember that Forex is a newcraft and a new skill that you were trying to learn so it is completelyunderstandable that you need to have a lot of practice in order to master thiscraft if you were able to master a certain strategy or is set up you canbecome very prosperous and financially independent through the foreign exchangemarket it is an opportunity that essentially not a lot of people knownowadays and if you're watching this video you guys are already ahead of thegame so if you have any questions of course please feel free to comment orInstagram Demi I will always be here for you guys my name is Sanjeev once againand let's get it.

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How to MASTER any Forex Trading Strategy - Forex ESSENTIAL!

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Today I show you how to MASTER any Forex Trading Strategy! You will learn how I backtest my Forex Strategy and Plan to perfection. The more practice you have the better you will become when trading in real time scenarios. The best way to increase profitability in forex isn't necessarily from reading and attaining as much knowledge as possible from books, yes it is important to comprehend the fundamentals, but gaining experience from market and chart time is the best way to come out on top. Although, you shouldn't be watching the market the entire day, you should be focusing on mastering a certain time/market hours for you trade. Repeat profitable actions!