20 thoughts on “How To Make $100-200 A Day From Forex Trading (Required Account Size)

  1. Have any recommendations for forex brokers that don't fuck you over after you starting making $$$? You know close the trades for no reason when they are profitable. Slip the hell out of the trade so you make nothing or lose $$$? "crash" a computer system when you're profiting and when you get back on your losing now? Very easy to deposit but near impossible to withdrawl? I have yet to see a single forex broker (I've looked at about 100 now and all have the same bs issues). Everything is all fine and dandy in the demo's but when you go live with real money most brokers don't like losing money seeing they are taking the other side of the trade.

  2. 5K most and you can live comfortably. 25-50K is not necessary to start. If you don't know what you are doing. You will lose that anyway. Trade with the trend

  3. Do you no any one individual on fx or anyone person who has a good drawdown and good performance who  provides good signals for trading im asking you because i know you been 

    In the tradding community for a while now and im shure you have ran acroos at least one good trader who provides signals you must have bumped into somebody good sir

  4. He's a complete IDIOT…. anyone can make $100 a day if your trading with a $25K acct. $100-$200 that's not even 1% of $25K.
    We want to know how to make $100-$200 a day trading with a smaller acct like $500 or $1000 to start…

  5. 25k to make 500$ a week? Which kind of trading is that? People are making 500$ a week with 3k or even less.

  6. how many hours would i be working a day to make this much money of a 25,000 account?

  7. Capital markets are a big scam. The market allways go against retail traders, forex also. When i see dow jones at record high, and i try to enter in that trade the martket allways put me out. Why? Because i am a small investor, a outsider of the system. They want people like me to win. Why any assets that i buy or sell go allways against me? This is not bad luck this is manipulation. Only rich peolple win, this is a big scam. Those guys should be in prision. This video is a joke. Any method that retail trader use don't work, the market go allways against. If regulation works capital market should be forbiden. You better spend your money in whores, wine. Don't make your life a shit because capital markets. you will be a looser forever? Believeme. This is a advise for those who want to begin trade. Forget this shit or you will be a slave og rich peolple. You will work and save for them.

  8. I didn’t learn shit you didn’t do any strategy lol you should talk about startgy and how to manage 25k you didn’t mention anything thank you for wasting my time Lol

  9. So how do people make this 100 or 200 a day, You told us to get others money not what to do with it!! lol

  10. taking opm without trading experience and using your video will get you RIP and your mom crying at your funneral !

  11. You don’t need an account size of 25k for that…that’s super super conservative and not necessary .you can do that with $1000 if you know how to trade

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