How to Install Templates in MT4 and MT5 Metatrader Forex Charts


Hi I'm Scott Shubert and today I'mgoing to show you how to download and install templates for metatrader4 andmetatrader5 so let's get started right now okay so this is another one of thevideos that is suitable for absolute beginners because those are the peoplewho often ask how do i download a template or a an indicator install it inmeditative form and here fine and because there is no question that is toostupid and there is no level of being too close to being a beginner becauseeveryone has to start somewhere so because also I get so many questionsabout people asking me how to do this and people having difficulty with itthat I thought I would just take another up-to-date video on how to do this stepso the first thing you would do is you would go to a website where you want todownload a template so what is a template by the way let's go back tometatrader4 and if i right click on the screen and then choose template i have awhole bunch of templates from the past that have been added in here and solet's just say I choose one of these other templates and then I get all thisstuff on here like that which would really help so you can completely set upand customize your charts exactly the way you want with the indicators youwant the the colors the background whether you want to see the gridlinesand all this stuff how your candles are these are hollow candles this is acolored stochastics this is a poly fit man and you know all these things thatwere put on here by a friend of mine we're saved as a template so you can setthese things up and you can go template save template you can also go templateload template or if one is already loaded there you can just come over hereand just grab one of these things just right clicking on the chart and thensomething that is added in there you just that that is already in yourtemplates you can get easily just by going templates and then here's onecalled cool indicators so I just go over there and there they are so especiallywhen people are new to trading they're often want to get someone else'stemplate rather than try to figure out how to set up their own and even if youdo have experienced a lot of experience you may want to use someone else'stemplate in fact I have proprietary templates on here good examples ofthings that you can buy from someone selling some kind of a course thing andthat can be installed as a template so over herewhen you're downloading a template you want to right-click on the link andchoose Save Link As and it could say something different um based on the typeof browser that you're using this is one of the problems that people have isthey're using some weird browser that no one ever heard of or if they were usingsomething other than Google Chrome you can use something other than GoogleChrome but a lot of people contact me and say this is not working because whenI download the file it says dot HTML and I'm like no it's not dot HTML yourbrowser forced you to change the file type who the hell would want a browserthat would do that that's the first thing I would tell them is to get rid ofthat browser but anyway people have problems with browsers just use GoogleChrome just use Google Chrome if having a problem or an issue with thatthat may be the first thing to check and then the next thing would be don't leftclick on it and instead right click and choose Save Link As and if your browserhas a different thing other than Save Link As you need to find out what it isbecause I can't tell you necessarily what all of them are but one time I didput all the major ones on there Save Link As save target asI think used to be what Mozilla Firefox was using anyway you need to figure thatout and that's another thing that I often recommend to people if you don'tknow how to download a file from the internet find someone in your local areawho can help you to do that so a lot of people have gotten you know someone intheir local area to show them how do you download a file if you're if you're thatlevel of computer savviness where you don't know how to download afile find someone in your area who can show you how rather than you knowemailing me and say it's not working or something like that because you knowthis is the first step you got to do is learn how to download files if you can'tmake it through that step you're gonna be you kind of have some difficulty soyou right-click on that you choose Save Link As and then in the next step awindow would come up after you choose Save Link As and then you need to choosethe place where you want to save the fileso many people just choose save link assets just go save they just go clickright here and they don't know where it wentthen they can't find it so instead of doing that choose the actual place whereyou want to save so I made a folder here called empty for indicators and youmight want to make one that says in T for templates but there you download thefile and notice that right here it says dot TPL here's this here's the nextproblem that people have is that they download this and then they click on itand try to open it and get some message and they don't know what program to openit with and that's the next step is that you don't open it you don't click on itafter you download this file do not click on it do not try to open it sosave that file and then go back to that same location and then find the one thatyou just downloaded in and then right click on that and choose copy so thatwill keep this file in this folder so that you can install it in othermetatrader4 platforms later so then you have a folder where you're going to putall of your mt4 indicators all of your mt4 templates allof your mt5 indicators all of your NT 5 templates and then keep them separatebecause they don't work they're they're not cross-platform compatible they onlywork in metatrader4 or in mandatory 5 so then after you choose copy then you goto your metatrader4 and go file open data folder and right there in mq l4 andright there is the folder called templates there you can paste that fileinto that folder and then restart your mandatory for and then you'll be able togo right there and right click on the chart withtemplate and choose the one that you just put in there it's the same thingfor metatrader5 you go file open data folder profiles mql5 profiles templates so it's a little bit different file pathor the folder in meditator 5 not too hard to figure out where that is but itmay not be obvious the first time you go in there check around sometimes you cancheck and see where where your other templates are located in PL 5 profilestemplates so that's how you install templates in Medicare 4 and inmetatrader5 so again I hope that this solves that mysterious question how doyou install templates in metatrader4 and metatrader5 it's always fun to puttemplates and indicators on your charts but if you want to find out what reallyworks and trading go to trading mastermind com you.

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