How to Add a New Currency in OpenCart 2.3.x


Hey guys! In today's tutorial will showyou how you can add a new currency in your OpenCart store.

The default OpenCart store comes with three predefined currencies.

These are the Euro, the US dollar, and the British Pound.

However if your store uses the differentcurrency than the ones above, you can easily add it yourself.

So lets add a newcurrency! First let's log into our admin panel from the Dashboard we go to System, Localisation, Currencies.

Here we see a listing of all the available currenciesin our store.

To create a new one we should click on the Add New button.

A new tab opens where we need to adddetails of our new currency.

In this example we'll be adding Japanese Yen.

So, in the currency title will type in Japanese Yen.

And in the code field, we add ashortcode of the currency which is the JPY.

Depending on the currency you'reusing you have the symbol either to the left of the symbol input or to the right.

In our case the Yen stays before the number so we should add it to the leftsymbol input field.

One thing you should be cautious aboutis the decimal places input.

We put the amount of digits we want to seeafter the decimal point.

The default one is two so let's enter two here.

In thevalue field we should add the exchange rate of the currency.

The defaultcurrency of our demo store which is in our case the US dollar has a value of one.

To fill the value of the Yen we should Google US dollar to Japanese Yen.

Google will give us the exchange rate that we need to enter in the field.

In our casethis is 100 Yen, point 27 equals one US Dollar.

It is important to note that we should useDOT in order to separate decimals and not a comma.

A cool native functionality of OpenCartis currency updater.

If we click on the update currency button, the currency's exchange rate will be updated to the most recent one.

In order to activate the new currency weneed to enable it and then save it.

Now we go to the storefront refresh the pageand click on the change currency button.

We'll see our new currency – the JapaneseYen in the drop-down.

When we click on it the currency changes and the pagegets reloaded with all the prices now listed and converted into Yen.

Well,that's it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you have anyquestions write them up in the comments section below.

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How to Add a New Currency in OpenCart 2.3.x

How to add new currencies to OpenCart? This video will focus on all you need to do for setting up additional currencies in your OpenCart store.

You will learn how each currency is added, how they are calculated and how they can be constantly updated with their latest values.

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