20 thoughts on “How I flipped my account from $350 to $26,000 in forex trading

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  2. ''that 20 dollar bet'' it's not 20 dollars its a 20 lot your actually betting 2 million lol

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  4. Hello.
    I like the video, but I do not understand everything, so I can not speak English. would you like to do some important thoughts about trading and analysis? (I'll translate it) I'm starting, you would help a lot.ocsovaigerg69@gmail.com thank you.

  5. people might make them totals , though it like a guy having an accumulator on the horses and picking up a large sum , luck runs out over time

  6. Capital markets are a big scam. The market allways go against retail traders, forex also. When i see dow jones at record high, and i try to enter in that trade the martket allways put me out. Why? Because i am a small investor, a outsider of the system. They want people like me to win. Why any assets that i buy or sell go allways against me? This is not bad luck this is manipulation. Only rich peolple win, this is a big scam. Those guys should be in prision. This video is a joke. Any method that retail trader use don't work, the market go allways against. If regulation works capital market should be forbiden. You better spend your money in whores, wine. Don't make your life a shit because capital markets. you will be a looser forever? Believeme. This is a advise for those who want to begin trade. Forget this shit or you will be a slave of rich peolple. You will work and save for them.

  7. I've only traded simulated accounts and found on Mondays, if I bet Strongest Against Weakest Currencies; I'd win Big ! I could find Currencys' Strength on Finvizdotcom.

  8. Down to earth facts. I can relate to this. I learnt the hard way too. And lost quite a bit. When you are winning do not feel invisible. Always have a bigger "war chest" that can get you out of tight corners. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Kou, I am new in forex trading and rely on you tube videos. I find your trading story rather interesting and would like to learn more from you. Please could drop me a mail at thebe.mapha@gmail.com, I would really appreciate it.

  10. I’m 18 and just started my IML subscription 2 weeks ago, should I stay with them? Can you please respond and tell me sir. Amazing video; also I’m just a beginner. Should I stick to USDJPY?

  11. Honestly, I too blew my first forex account on trading USDJPY and believe me I bought at 113.15 but the trend stopped at 108
    and guess what in return I have learned a lot from it.

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