How does chart price work? – the chart on the BitBay exchange


The BitBay exchange price chart isn't only an indication of current cryptocurrency prices.

It provides substantially more information than just that.

A lot of it incomprehensible at a glance.

Soon you will find however, that this does not have to be the case.

The chart is composed of several elements.

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The horizontal axis represents the time scale, vertical the price scale.

The first element of interest would be the time range selector.

You can customise it to display the last hour, day, month or year.

You can also select which time range will be represented by each candlestick.

Another element is the price and volume displace.

By default the graph represents the current values.

Mouse over an area to inspect prior values.

The data can be displayed in a variety of ways.

The most popular across the world is the candlestick chart using filled and hollow candlesticks.

Other display options include lines, ranges and more.

Each candlestick represents a particular time range based on your selection.

The body of the candlestick indicates the opening and closing prices.

The shadows illustrate a particular period's high and low.

Owing to the use of colors, it is apparent instantly what the present situation is on the market.

A multitude of green candlesticks signifies a rising price, while a high concentration of red candlesticks – falls in the price.

The price and volume display will inform you of any particular numbers.

The letter "O" represents the opening price for a given period.

The letter "H" – the high, "L" – the low, and "C" – the closing price.

The volume informs us of the turnover rate on the exchange and the investors engagement level.

Double-click the volume bars at the bottom to activate an additional moving average chart.

This illustrates a given period's averages.

Upon clicking on TOOLS, a new panel will open, featuring technical analysis tools allowing for a more complete utilization of the graph.

These are a collection of implements useful for an in-depth assessment of the current state of the market, as well as predicting its future movements.

The tools include selection tools, market structure tools, time based, price based and time/price based analysis tools, drawing tools, text generation tools with markers, market geometry tools, measuring tools, icons, sizing and scaling tools.

These come in useful for advanced traders, but even if you have no experience with them, don't shy away from experimenting.

Any changes can be undone at the click of a button and then restored if necessary.

You can also remove all overlays by clicking on REMOVE ALL DRAWING TOOLS.

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How does chart price work? - the chart on the BitBay exchange

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