Holy Grail Forex & Bitcoin Trading Simulation

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Welcome to Forex & Bitcoin Trading Simulator! This is a small example on NZDUSD currency Use the Sell or Buy Buttons to Enter Trades Track Unrealized Profit/Loss of Current Trade We entered using Sell, so now we exit using Buy! Our Equity has been updated with our profit Add and Remove Indicators with ease! Choose from a variety of the most popular technical indicators Lets use a multiple moving average now Select the parameters.

Lets try another Sell! Oops! That one didn't go so well.

We can also decide what style we want our charts The Autotrader Workshop allows you to create your own Autotraders! For now, we'll just select a pre-optimized Autotrader.

Lets try this one! Entry using Bollinger bands, and Exit using Aroon Indicator Press play again and the Autotrader will trade by itself! Lets speed things up to see how it performs long-term! Cyan = possible Buy exits, Blue = possible Buy entries Purple = possible Sell exits, Orange = possible Sell entries Lets speed things up even more.

Looks like we've run out of data for NZDUSD! The app contains the past 4 years (2014-2018) of data for all available instruments (Currencies + Bitcoin) Now, we'll start over with a Fresh Dataset.

We've selected to trade Bitcoin on 15 minute bars Lets try creating our own Autotrader this time! We need to select our Entry Trigger Indicator.

Select the indicator parameters.

Now we select the BUY and SELL conditions Buy when price crosses Up through the moving average.

And vice versa for Sell We'll use the same conditions for Exiting a trade.

Our new autotrader is ready to go! Let's see how it performs.

When price cross down, we should see a sell.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

BOOM! Our Autotrader just Sold because price crossed down through our moving average! And now it exits, on another Cross Down Lets speed it up again to check long-term performance.

Ok so this particular Autotrader sucks.

Can you design one that actually works? Good luck with your Trades! Some of the features shown here are only available with a premium (20$ USD) purchase.

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Holy Grail Forex & Bitcoin Trading Simulation

Forex and Bitcoin Trading Game - Trading Simulation, Create your own autotrader and practice with a variety of indicators on many different instruments including Bitcoin, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, Gold, Silver, and Many More!