Guild Wars 2: Explaining Trade Post fees


Hello, Sutgon here.

In this hopefully shortvideo I'll try to quickly and efficiently explain all you need to know about the taxesin Guild Wars 2 Trading Post.

Just because maybe somebody needs it.

First things first, the price you put the item for sale as is the price the buyer pays, not the amount of dosh you get.

Some people may not know this and/or don't take it into account when talking about gold from Trade Post.

So, when you want to post your item for sale, you see that you have these two taxes, or fees, like they're called in-game.

The first one is called the Listing Fee, which is 5% ofthe price you set.

That fee is taken right out of your sweet juicy filled wallet, which I hope is a bit more filled than mine.

(I'm broke) If you cancel your listing you WILLNOT get that money back.

So no need to post a Mini Devil Dog up for 5000 gold like I saw some time ago.

The minimum listing fee is 1 copper.

The other fee is called the exchange fee, which is 10%.

That fee is taken from the pricethe buyer pays, which you set, and when he pays it, not when you put the item up forsale.

Again, the minimum exchange fee is 1c.

Do note that the fees are rounded normally, that means if the fee turns out to be something point 4 or less coppers, then the fee will be the rounded down, but if the fee would be something point 5 or more coppers, then the fee will be rounded up, to the nearest copper, that is.

EXAMPLE TIME! So if I sell something for, say, 10 silver, then in my delivery box I will get 10% less than 10 silver, which is, you guessed it (at least I hope so), 9 silver.

That isn't the actual amount I gain from the sale because of the listing fee.

So in realityI gain 15% less than I put the item up for, which is 85% and in this example 8 silversand 50 coppers.

When you want to start messing with the Trade Post more, you got to keep track of these little totally unimportant things called fees.

I could talk a bit more about rounding whendealing with low cost items, but due to it being a really annoying thing to keep track of, I chose not to.

Besides, who even tries to make a profit off of like 10-copper items.

This should be it for Guild wars 2 trade post fees now.

If you have any questions, post them down below into the comment section and I'll try to answer them.

If this video gets too many questions, which I doubt, I mean, look at me, I'll put an FAQ section into the description, so if this video has it, check that first.

Goodbye o/.

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Guild Wars 2: Explaining Trade Post fees

Welp, it's more of an intro video to upcoming totally-not-already-tons-of-videos-on-that-topic Guild Wars 2 content. And you got to be able to bear that beautiful English. Sorry for not being perfect.

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