GMO Internet’s starts granting .dev domain name registrations

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About a month earlier that, started domain protection services. The owner of the site gets to set extra protections for a variety of parameters — some alteration regarding those parameters will require an approval by the operator. The listing of these parameters comprises domain management, server name management,”whois” information management, automatic updates direction, etc..
“.Dev” domain names may include kanji, hiragana and katakana strings as well as alphanumeric characters, so it’s possible to register a truly unique site. Furthermore, it’s possible to register a domain using a short and easy-to-remember series because the assortment of free strings is much more plentiful than that for traditional popular domains for example “.
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Let’s remember that, in October last year, started supplying .app domain name registrations. The .app domains are suitable for app developers, in addition to for companies that market and market such solutions.

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Speaking of technology-orientated domains, allow ’s mention that, in May 2018, the company began accepting registration applications for .ai domain names. This move, as you may expect, is targeted at firms whose activities involve artificial intelligence (AI), as well as in media that focus on articles about AI.

Onamae.coman ICANN-accredited domain which is part of why GMO Internet Inc. (TYO:9449), has earlier announced the start of supplying of .dev domain  registrations.

The offering aims to respond to this increasing amount of programmers in the internet space, as”.dev” stands for”programmers”. The company considers these domain names to be particularly acceptable to IT engineers and other web developers, who want to discuss and disseminate information regarding online resources, platforms, and programming languages.

The company notes that websites using the “.dev” domain are required to introduce an SSL certificate for increased security.