Forex Trading Success Story – 5 Years Later!


so you know I certainly believe thatthere's only one path to achieving your goals it all depends what goal you haveor you shit out for yourself but things didn't happen exactly as I thought andas I planned of course and good thing is I was able to not have a full-time jobever and to be able to do what I love so recently I got a comment one of mystories in YouTube asking about kind of my story this I went through and I pressa love you guys want to hear about that a little bit more subtle shirt today andsure exactly kind of interfaces what I went through things that were easy forme in training and kind of how I golf over these past surgeries and a half oftraining and we'll go back in time I'm heading to marry dad today cuz like I'mfinishing with progress so I have to catch a flight tomorrow but we'll gothroughout the day and I'll show these things over time the point of this is tokind of share what I've been able to achieve but more kind of what I went toand things I have to realize myself and hopefully this can help you kind of knowwhat to work on and what you have to change for yourself so let's go back intime to face one I start to treat 4x in 2013 I open an account at this time Ididn't know what I was doing at all I add an account for 4x but I was alsointerested in stocks so I'm gonna stops account to be able to kind of invest andmake money long term but I didn't know what training was about what theinvestment was about and for me it was just a matter of like making money injuncture the people that I was able to invest and trade the wealth of course isyou know it didn't really work that way the first two years of my training werepretty much without much progress I learned a little bit I went to somecourses I watched a lot of videos I then start to research strategies things theycould do in the market and as you know like this is how things work really workis like you get over wrong pretty fast I had been hearing about the fact thatyou need the GED the plan and training and like things to organize everythingbut I thought me deadly small in that if we can make it throughout the plan andso that lasts a long time and the interesting thing back then is that Iwas actually sitting in supply chain management this was a bachelor incommerce and I did finish it but I remember at a point where and this onethat have been this summer some point I was studying that summer and I hadopened a couple of trades on the S&P 500 because I had a kind of stretches backthen live into like a golf in Kerala something of the sort and the setup wasthere on a pretty hard down friend and I'll put a cool trace and then I'm notsure what happened but I reviewed with multiple trades when price went backdown and when they formed my cutter and gold things and stuff like that that'safter a few days until I got the email from my broker saying that I was aboutto get the Martin call and when you get the margin close like a leap itshouldn't get close so it means a town like too much or position for youraccount size yeah well and I pushed my kids back then even though I was wishingonly like maybe 2% prepositions but it was just like too many positions andstuff and so eventually I told myself that price would come back in my favorand the train will unfold pretty well because the surf was there so I reallybelieved in it and then I got this email of this after saying that my positiongot close because price which is like way too low and I wait wait to be give aloss and that's pretty much my biggest like loss experience ever I think Imight have lost like 20 percent of my account but I don't want to like fix thenumbers I'm not sure at all but it was a big loss at that time for me and I kindof stopped drinking a little bit after that I didn't even know what to do atall after to research a little bit more but what I didn't really grasp was thefact that I had bought a course that was 60 media strategy and I would apply itin the market and it wouldn't work I like this puzzling yes I didn'tunderstand and it took me a long time to understand that this is the how thingsworked and to kind of fix that problem I remember reading at some point notafter the book trading in the zone by Mark Douglas this has been recommendedto me on different videos different podcasts different blogs the first timeI read it though I didn't understand a single thing like this just went allthrough and I didn't catch anything just like it's like when but then nothinghappened I didn't listen to concepts and I think the same thing happens with alot of people maybe that book but then they're not free to learn that book yetand then ask me to apply the concepts that they hear or in that book I had theaudio version that that on link below if you wanna check it out it's reallyuseful so that was it now throughout my studies I had this chance to dointernships and as it's a chance you'll see why later but at that time I wasworking in different companies every session has you like an internship sostudy internships an internship and they were like three of those total now thefirst one I work for a pretty big company in Canada Montreal this was anaircraft manufacturer I worked there for like three months or so and I kind oflike this first was good and stuff but what I was really excited about was mynext my next semester I was doing a student exchange in Hong Kong so I wasreally like chill about it I that was like the first time I was like travelingand being in a different country different culture for a long timesomeone there the destiny for six months and she's really where I think part twostarted in my trading journey I had this kind of experience like traveling andlooking at the charts a little bit but my training was really limited I waslike not trying that much because first of all schedule will be different I'llhave to adapt to a new time zone which was the opposite of before and I had ahard time with it at first that was not easy and I can't split them the sidesaying I would be getting back with later and anyway my best way and bestchance of making money back then was internship and our trading so I kind ofput it inside I started to work a little bit on different things I focused mystage for that like five six months semester and I said I would just getback training after until one day I saw this meetup happening in Montreal I waslooking for like trainer investors meet up in Hong Kong it happens I only sellone in Warsaw interestingly enough I told my staffwhen I will go back to Montreal I'll sure have to do with that event andjoin you see what's happening there Nutella could learn a lot from going tomeet up and meeting traders so in fact I did go for my first time in July 2015and now I really have to leave this hotel because like 12 now and checkoutsat 12 but when I get to a doubt about that more so let's get to the busstation so phase number three starts thereI wanted that trailer meet up the first time like I told you before I learnedway more in three hours of being on trailers then two years of reading bookswatching videos listening to podcasts and all that stuff even though thesethings actually believe are good do not really helping you move forwardsometimes you can have a lot that you learn from but in you can't really applyit and that's a big problem and the question I had after this event was howcan I still learn a lot still progress even though the meetup is not like everyday so he wants to month how can I still progress and the answer I came up withwas hiring a coach it made a lot of sense back then because I didn't reallyhave anyone to keep me accountable and teach me what I needed to knowand so one of the members of the meetup in Montreal was the next institutionaltrader he walked in multiple banks study a lot in the past both years and hetaught me a lot of really interesting things of course I had to pay him but asmuch completely worth it there were a lot of things I was doing right backthen but if you ask me my strategy was really bad it was onlysomething I had to do with like candlesticks and indicators a little bitI mean that's it so it didn't work that well and what this coach was useful isteaching me things that I didn't know even existed things like the marketcontext how to think things like drilling how to track your trades justto divide your trades so really good I learned it back thennot long after being with that coach I started my podcast and I was I think in2015 or 16 I want to be able to throw myself even more with traders and learneven more she really can learn everything from the same person you haveto be surrounded by many people to learn different skill different things thatthey're all good at and being able to apply them yourself this led me to be able to look back andrealize I had been profitable for a whole ten to twelve month period in mytrading my ultimate goal was back then to be able to jump to training full-timeright when I finished University my three-year degree but I had back thenwhat we call a reality check where I was sitting with the trader one day and hetold me well if you wanna make it full-timeyou have to find more capital even himself had his account $100,000 totrade and that's what came over a decade of working full-time in a pretty bigcompany to be able to acquire that capital to trade now I didn't have an answer for what Iwas gonna do my two options were basically working the a full-time jobfor some time and be able to get money to be able to trade more because I sureknew freedom was important and freedom was the thing all the walls back thenthe other option was being able to trade for a fund or other people but I didn'treally know how and then one day I was again at the Australian Meetuppresenting about breakouts and I didn't have the event a trader came up to meand he said he had enough fish we was trading in almost every day he invitedme to come over at some point and visit him and see what he was doing and I dida few weeks after at the end of our meeting he offered me some capital totrade for his own account and of course I didn't know if I was gonna say yes toknow exactly because it was something new to me that I wasn't really seriousin but I said yes and I said I'll figure out it's almost solely of course andtrying to scale in overtime this only lasted for a few months buteventually I was able to save money from my internships and money I earned fromtraining for that person and I had now my own capital to trade in January of2017 right after I finished my third year of Universityabsolutely shine high for my very first trip while trading and I'll see whatit's like to trade here what it's like to live from here and try all the riversas well so that's pretty much so you know I certainly believe that there's noone path to achieving your goals it all depends what goal you have or you shitout for yourself but but I've been able to make it and things didn't happenexactly as I thought and as I planned of course and good thing is I was able tonot have a full-time job ever after University which is a good thing and tobe able to do what I love so come don't have any question about my story thingsthat I might have missed out because I'm trying to kind of remember this in thespot but let me talk below give a like on that video if you liked it today I'llcatch you back here for my trip back to Canada tomorrowoh and comments of the day he rocks comments on the past video.

I appreciate you guys as always for leaving comments and I'll catch you back here tomorrow, ciao.

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Forex Trading Success Story - 5 Years Later!

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