Forex Trading Signal Services: How To Get Best Results

Hi I'm Scott Shubert in this video I'mgoing to show you the four steps to getting the best results using a forextrading signal service or signal provider then I'm going to show youwhich signal providers are the best and get the best reviews a lot of peoplehave become interested in forex trading signal services the idea is thatlearning to actually train yourself is just too difficult and it takes too muchtime it takes years so it makes sense that many people want to make moneyimmediately without having to go through years of trial and error and experiencethe pain of losing many accounts while trying to develop a skill that mostpeople will never have so I was interested to see if anyone is actuallymaking any money using a forex trading signal service to copy someone else'strees because you may find that it's not as simple as it sounds you might assumethat using a forex trading signal service copying another winning traderstrade you will also get consistent winning trades but you may soon findthat there are even some challenges involved in doing that challenge numberone is delay of entry one thing that a lot of people don't realize is that ifyou're using a forex trading signals service you actually need to be at yourcomputer waiting for the signal so that you can enter now it's possible that youcould be carrying a mobile device and you can set up your mobile device with acertain notification sound and then when the sound goes off you could pull outyour mobile phone and enter the trade as quickly as you can if there is a delayof even up to a few seconds sometimes the trader who originally generate thesignal might have already exited the trade before you actually see the entryto get in and even for medium term or swing trading sometimes a delay ofto one minute or more could mean that the trade entry is no longer availablethe second problem is not knowing the reason for getting in if the reason forgetting in is a visual or technical thing then how do you know that reasonand then how would you know if the trade is still valid and if you did get inwhat would determine whether that trade was still valid over the next period oftime after you get in for instance when I show someone the reason for gettinginto a trade in order to even explain why I get in I'd have to show severaldifferent time frames and usually I have to show several different pairs when I'mstalking a trade on a group of pairs like the Pound pairs a change in one ofthe currencies is definitely going to affect which pair I choose to get in ifyou don't see any of that or you don't have any idea why an entry would be anentry then you can't really make a judgment call as to whether the tradewould still be good and you can't really measure the projected risk to reward atthe current entry price at the time that you're entering the trade likewise manytimes if there could be a really good trade and many traders would think thatit's already time to get out or the trade might have even gone bad and thinkthat it has gone bad when I can clearly look at it and say this is going tocontinue to go for the next three days and there's no question about iteverything is fine relax so if you don't know that then you wouldn't be able tohave any confidence in the trade that you just entered so the next challengewith using a forex trading signal service is something that you woulddiscover with some personal self-examination and some goal-settingso let's just look at why do you want to use a forex trading signal service wellI assume that you want to make some money and you have decided that forextrading might be a good way to do that except that it's too difficult and takestoo much time so that's why you decided to use a forex trading signal service Iwould guess that most people who are considering doingthis have never owned a business before and have not explored the idea of how tostart a business so if you explore the idea of entrepreneurship and educateyourself get a magazine or a couple of books on how to start a business thenyou get an idea about what's involved so then if you're going to use a forextrading signal service why wouldn't you just want to open a managed Forexaccount and just leave all of the trading in the decisions in the hands ofthe trader that you know will make winning trades and then there won't beany delay and you know that it will be done right well I can understand thatpossibly the reason that people are doing this is because they don't haveenough capital for the minimum required to open a managed Forex account andthat's understandable and maybe also you see this as a temporary tool on yourpath to success in trading so what's most important is that you want to feelgood about choosing this particular business for a specific reason so if youchoose to make use of a forex trading signal service as something that is atool in your path to success in trading let's take a look at some of the optionsthat are available if you start looking for forex trading signals services oneof the things that you're going to find it you may find some reviews that arevery old and the websites that are mentioned no longer exist and thecompanies are out of business here's a company that provides trade alerts tradesignals and they were supposed to be good and I read that they wererecommended in different reviews and so forth but then I look here and theirperformance just seems like so not very good what you see is that in an entiremonth they're getting like positive 82 pips I mean I don't quite understand howyou can go am a month and only get 82 pipsif you're actually trading so normally I would tend to get 82 or 126 pipsportrayed and you know at least do that two or three times each week and someweeks are are not actually profitable for them they're not all that perfect ofresults and also just very totally mediocre if if you ask me for you knowwhy would you pay for these things if if they're not getting really good resultsso that's didi mark it's digital derivatives markets the next servicethat I came across that looks to be pretty good is called1000 pit builder this company is also publishing their performance and itlooks okay and it's verified and tracked and what they're doing is sending you anemail or an SMS text with the important details about the entry price the stoploss and take profit and you get all that for only $97 a month so and if thatequates to consistent increase in capital every month how could that notbe an excellent very low cost investment and why are they not charging percentageof increase every month okay this signal service seems to bepretty good and it's called Robbie Newton's honest Forex signals dot-com Ikind of like that just in case you were thinking if you think we're not honesthonest Forex signals is our name you can't get any better than that butanyway they do have statements right here they they're pretty transparentabout what it is that they're doing and what I'm now noticing is that they'reactually using a trade copier service which was going to be the subject of mynext video the difference between trade signals and trade copying so in terms ofthe number of pips and the percentage of increase in capital looks like they'regetting a respectable return over the last two yearsand to be able to get this kind of service for just a monthly payment it'sonly 177 dollars a month and you can even have it copied in your tradingplatform so you don't even have to execute the trades that sounds like apretty good deal now I found some other things and several of them were alreadyout of business their websites don't work and some of them don't actuallyprovide anything that I can see as being trading signals so I can kind ofunderstand how these trading signal providers could be a useful tool thatcould help you in your path to get to where you want to be in tradingpersonally I've never considered offering this kind of trading signalservices maybe at some point in the future we might do something like thatbut what I do instead is to show people each day when I'm getting into a tradeexactly and explain exactly why so that you understand why I'm getting into atrade and then when it's time to get out I definitely want everyone to understandwhy you would get out of a trade and I believe that's a much more valuableservice that benefits people to a higher level and this is the kind of servicethat helps people to actually become real traders the subject of tradecopying is another subject I believe that this is another subject that isworthy of a whole other video to reveal more about the industry that is nowemerging called trade copying if you have had good results using a forextrading signal service or if you did not just leave a comment below I can usethat information as survey results in one of our future videos so I did someresearch and I found out the forex trading signal service providers thatare still in existence and have good results and good reviews and I made asmall report to get immediate access that click the link in the descriptionbelow this video and as always to find out what really works in forex tradingand crypto trading go to WWJD mastermind calm.

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Forex Trading Signal Services: How To Get Best Results

This video shows the way to get the best results using a Forex Trading signal service and which signal providers get the best results and have the best reviews.

Using a Forex trading signal service or a trading signal provider might be a tool that you choose to use at some point in your path to success in trading. One option would be to open 2 Forex trading accounts, 1 for your signal service and one for your own trading decisions. That way you can still practice your Forex trading strategies and make money while working to develop your skill as a trader.

Here is the list of providers we have found so far.