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this photo was bought at hauckland beach in lofoten in norway 2017 In any case, I was just three and a half years old with Ben weeks yes yes what should I say what said what should i say i already have I've done another print on another wearer this time but not all the bund also not canvas no it is this time I've never had a picture of myself before let me have the correct drugs and thought so that will be time will definitely time and somehow that was such a thought transfer because the dot com / de thought so we can also write to the mia and ask if he not at any time bock has anything to test and dull they have me asked if I do not even want to leave a picture on forex drugs and I like that I'm very curious what's going on the order yes Of course it was pretty easy like we are now that means on the side Of course, then the carrier was chosen so not all rebounds online forex then wait there for a moment until you get that picture then upload the picture uploaded the format selected 90 times 60 the price was pretty, too Impressive according to the website, even cheaper by half than others which in turn means you save a fair amount of money and money that's not so wrong after I've selected this so that So my picture is uploaded the format I selected of course, as usual, enter my data and then I have now this time not made so that the package is delivered to the dpd shop no I have me This time it's easy to go home there are two euro difference so instead of 97 but now 999 paid what perfectly okay because the homework means yes I have to go somewhere again extra and already is the package and then yes then came the package home and the package just looks like that huge from jaja so big is the package and I'll just open it now I already know that thousands of pages are likely to be upset and hopefully it will not take too long and I will not break it because you never know how it comes you see the inside of the box and rausgeholt not so bad carton can exactly here is the picture the picture what is packed in babbel foil but what is not so bad you can also on television that corners with beautiful square styrofoam again the whole thing is taped with tape so that here also not slip and the picture itself as just mentioned again completely wrapped in basel foil What I definitely notice is it is a little effective that knew I did not stop before, I've never ordered a folk party before that too is not so, because it is supposed to go against the wall someday and there it is no matter what material is a main thing the picture looks good and of course I hope that the picture looks good this is the photo from norway on 1 success plate produced by sor dot com that looks so very nice But first of all I have to mention this photo is on the small beach I rose to the lofoten in obing 20 17 I was at that time with the band jaworski every fall on the order of three and a half weeks and we have in the three and a half weeks maybe three or four times aurora borealis seen and that was already one of the biggest highlights ever in to see polar lights is so cool so you see Germany on this photo how crassly the colors are actually reproduced of course, if it's photography, here's a bit of contrast high the deep midrange and the clear are also worked that way but not as I see it are relatively well reproduced on this photo that means I can not really complain looks really nice So it worked out so well is synonymous the direct photo printing that is so the photo was directly on the pressed forex plate so that actually not much wrong can and they did really well So I am very excited about the colors, well, anyway we were there at the main race we were before we were of course always have a house so waited a bit and then considered if we then evening were still out and then the app said so now it is cloudless but as I said everything clearly how fine had out thought or ben hatira not where We went and then we were at the beach and maybe let me lie So I was not even really on the beach and then had these polar lights Follow this thought I'm looking for I'll take this photo here and then exactly this photo was created oh yes that was really cool things the you have seen there because polar lights and that is of course always on it So the height of the sky should not be too cloudy and you have to be true offenders and sometimes they are short then they are at the location back so you have to drive to another location we have basically the luck that it was actually a long long time went around also to see polar lights so therefore it has in any case already worth this forex plate crass I would have been genuine is a bit like daddy but it is not so nice edges on the edges are pointed okay is not an issue but everything else is real So good we are given so if you think about maybe a photo to press on a vesper then comes in any case in question because they are not only half cheaper than other providers at least I have the vague memories that is on the website is that the Provider xy is so expensive and so what so expensive that would mean fun, especially because the half of course, on coal, of course, the seats salvage But what is not so bad in the end is paid too much at the cost of a maximum ten euro so the picture is delivered to your front door so therefore That is not really so nice if you then the price or the Considering what you save even so that's really cool I can In any case give the thumbs up for that the picture is really very I am very good and I am convinced of the quality also no merkel see me somehow I say disappointed let it expand so it's been really good no scratch on it nothing The delivery was really from good parents of states if you can So I'm definitely excited and as you said, you want to go home Consider flying to Norway on the Lofoten Islands do it make it easy this is going to be an experience what you are going to do So you got and you get pictures that you certainly never before so it's definitely worth flying there and yes, now I'm curious if I'm not the picture maybe walter that hangs somewhere well, but you see, let's see In any case, you should like this video for a quick look about folk plates you can order at then give me a thumbs up but not the channel so no video more missed the video again a friend so that also know that you know dot com / de definitely ordered two more videos and wish you still wish to set a nice evening something but make is here you do you make men show.

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Forex Platte kaufen? Mein Test bei! | Milou PD Bild drucken

Wie deine Wand ist leer? Wie wäre es mit einer Forex Platte? Lass dein Foto als Direktdruck auf eine Forex Platte drucken und das machst bspw. bei!

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