FOREX (FEV./2018)..LUCRO +7.72!! Resultados operações de Forex Day Trade // Como Operar Forex


Speak, people, beauty? Murilo here, and in today's video I'll show you how the results of our "copy" trading, "as were the results of our Forex trading in February.

So check it out there that I'm sure you'll like.

Before I start talking about the results, I want to remember that everyone can participate of our "copy trading".

Just access the first "link" in the video description that you have the step by step of how to participate, then all operations I do on my account will be replicated in your account in a totally proportional way.

I explain how this works in this "link" step by step, has several videos explaining, so check it out because I'm sure it will help you a lot.

Also, who wants to check how my day-to-day trader has my "Instagram", so in the description of the video you can also follow my "Instagram", @murilovoznak, super simple.

Aside from my "Instagram" and "copy trading", you know that we have our service team that can help you, and other tools that I am also leaving in the description of the video.

Beauty? Brokerage that I use, finally, all that you may want to know and want to know how it works is there in the description of the video.

Nice? Now speaking a little more about the February results.

The results were very good.

As you can see, in the month of January our result was over 22%, February was of 7.

72%, we are in the house of 30% a year, so it is very good for a month people earn 7.


There is no investment that gives you this in a month, so the result was really very good.

We started the month very well, so in the first week we were almost 4% forward, there during the month.

The month was a bit strange, the month of February, because we had a lot of news coming out sterling, with the "GBP", and this moved much market became very volatile.

We also had news on the euro and the dollar, so the market was very messy, to speak well sincerely, in the middle of the month.

So we got to 1% negative and at the end of the month we started again and then we close in.

We hit 8% and we returned to 7.


What does this show? It shows what the life of a "trader" is.

People are wrong to think that every day they will win.

It does not work like that in the financial market and my operations do not work that way.

We will win, we will lose; will win, will lose, but at the end of the month, at the end of the year, at the end of ten years we will win much more than we lose.

Nice? So, I enter the market with long-term reasoning, I do not care much about.

Of course I analyze, I work with risk management, but I do not care much about issues.

Oh, a month, a week, a day that I lose money, because what I'm looking at is the horizon, I'm looking at the long run, so I guess if you want to make money in the financial market you should think that way too.

It's no good for you to go into "copy trading" and say, "ah, I got in a week, he operated, not operated, why it is not operating.

" Calm down, calm down, everything, anyway.

If you follow the steps there and you do not see a single "trade" in the day, it's probably because I did not operate, I do not operate every day.

My strategy is based on "price action" and I work a lot with "day trade", I like much of "day trade".

So, I shut most of my operations on the same day.

I am not positioned, I do not like to be positioned, mainly in the market of coins, so I usually close my operations at the end of the day or during the day.

This does not imply that I will operate every day, some days I will not but.

So you have to be calm, have patience.

Imagine if you picked up the beginning of the month, it came in when you were earning 4% and then you saw a fall.

Then you: "Oh my God, this guy does not know what he's doing.

" Calm.

You have to be calm.

You have to be calm, you have to be patient because I know what I'm doing, basically.

I'm doing it with my money too, so you do not have to worry.

I'm working with risk management, with "mindset" and with strategy.

This is the tripod of the successful trader: you have risk management, know how much you are taking risks and when you should take a risk; to have this very realistic notion of the market, that the market is what it is (so sometimes you lose money, even all right sometimes you lose money, you do not have to know what's going to happen in the market to win, and it is not making everything right that you make money, if you do everything right sometimes you will lose money and that is the basic nature of the market); and follow your strategy in a disciplined way.

In terms of risk management, I think it's very important to talk about it.

Because? Because we will not get earnings of 50, 60, 70% in a month.

That's not what I'm looking for, because to seek that kind of profitability I'm going to have to take my chances in a way that I'm not willing.

I know some people want this kind of profitability, they want to run this type of risk.

It's not what I offer.

If you want that kind of seesaw and roller coaster (because in the long run this ends up being a roller coaster), it's not what I'm going to provide.

Sorry to disappoint you.

My goal is always to win consistently.

Of course there will be a few months that I will lose and I have notion of this.

I always want to win, but my goal is consistency, so when I get 7% 8%, most likely you'll see me getting off my feet a bit from operations, I will not to risk so much.

Because? Because 8% profitability in a month is something surreal, it's what you do not get.

If you think of the countries of the world's major economies the interest rate, now in February of 2018, is negative.

If you leave your money in the bank there a year, you earn nothing, 0.

5%, then we is gaining 8% in a month, this is more than the fixed income return of the largest emerging countries, including in one year.

So you earn in a month what other people are earning in a year is a lot thing.

You think that our profitability was 42% since November, it's a lot, so.

We have to think in a balanced way.

It's no use if we want to win the world in a month.

We have to think in a balanced way and this is not only part of the gains, but in part of the losses as well.

Because? Because the moment I want to win a lot I'll have to take a lot of chances.

At the moment I take a lot of risk, if I have a sequence of bad days or weeks, as we had in the middle of February.


We had a sequence of bad days, because we had all that trouble with the pound sterling, on the dollar, that had many news coming out.

If we risk in a disproportionate way, the damage we would have done that week would be too big, so people would be scared and I do not like that kind of situation.

So I'd rather go slow and always.

Go in a balanced way, do not risk.

I do not risk more than 2% in each operation, so I go there, really, following my step by step, following my recipe to make profits in the long run.

Nice? So, I guess that's what you can expect, too, for the next few months: a consistent strategy; consistent risk management and balanced to operate.

Do not expect us to do some kind of crazy because I'm not going to do this kind of thing with my money and I do not suggest you do with yours.

I will not do this, share this kind of situation for tens or hundreds of people who are following me.

What I'm going to do is really what I do with my money on a day to day basis.

Nice? So this is what I think you should expect for the next few months: this guy of strategy; this type of risk management.

We for February, March, now.

March, April, May, we will stick to the strategy, will maintain risk management and we will always seek this range of 7, 8, 10, 15%, 20%.

"Pox", cool, as long as things are following our risk management.

I will not get out of my risk management to achieve very high gains because the losses can also be very high.

Nice? All the statistics of my "trades", from my "trades" history, you can see in the "copy trading" tool that I am making the link available, so you can follow.

You will realize that I did not win.

I did not have that profitability all in one trade.

There were several "trades" throughout the month, as I said I operate "day trade", so these gains are diluted, proving that our strategy has consistency.

I hope you enjoy everything we're doing.

I hope you follow, too, if you are not attending, because I am sure that this is the best way for you to earn money without working, without having to learn much about the market and without having to risk their money disproportionately, because It's not what I'm going to do with my money and it's not what, anyway.

It's not what's going to happen to yours either.

I think in a very consistent, realistic way, this is the easiest way for you to win.

money without working, because you simply copy someone who is making money in the financial market.

Then that's it.

This month 7.


Another month of profit.

I'm very happy.

I hope that in March we have the same result and that we keep walking in this same way.

Beauty? A big hug.

Until the next video.

We talk in March about "copy trading" again and during that month for other information.

Thanks? A hug, people.


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FOREX (FEV./2018)..LUCRO +7.72!! Resultados operações de Forex Day Trade // Como Operar Forex

Veja quais foram os nossos resultados com Day trade no Forex em Fevereiro de 2018.
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Neste vídeo eu explico como operar forex de forma consistente e lucrativa para ganhar dinheiro no longo prazo seguindo uma gestão de risco equilibrada e estratégias de DayTrade.
Durante o mês de Fevereiro passamos por algumas oscilações e isso mostra como um gerenciamento de risco equilibrado é fundamental para seus ganhos de longo prazo no mercado de forex.
Além disso, neste vídeo expliquei um pouco sobre quais as nossas perspectivas para o mercado de Forex e nossa estratégia nos próximos meses de 2018.
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Porque copiar meus trades no Forex é melhor do que Opções Binárias, ou Day Trade no Mini Índice?
Como todos sabem viver de trade e ganhar dinheiro de forma consistente no mercado financeiro não é fácil e por isso que estou disponibilizando para todas essa oportunidade de copiar a minha estratégia de forma 100% automática.
Não é uma questão de ser melhor ou pior que as Opções Binárias, mas sim de ser uma maneira mais responsável dos traders operarem seu dinheiro, já que eu tenho visto que muitas pessoas ainda falham em príncipios básicos de mindset e gestão de risco. Foi por isso que eu criei essa alternativa que é melhor que as opções binárias (e day trade no mini índice) e permite todos os traders que me seguem espelharem meus ganhos em suas contas!

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