EURUSD: approaching the trend line from 1.1222

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What should you look out for? Low volumes in case of a decline and rebounds out of the 22nd level. The bulls are attempting to keep the trend alive by keeping the speed over the 22nd level. In case it does not hold up, when the rate begins to rise again, we can look at least as far as the 45th degree.

Volatility about the pound has dropped on the rear of Brexit developments, which will be impacting other monies in turn. I have declined to create a forecast today because there’ll be an additional vote in parliament.
I wish to stress this sort of formation is very often viewed on cryptocurrencies, so there’s no guarantee that this will work for your euro. The pound has been shorted on the spans. In the time of writing, trading over the euro crosses is mixed.

The only currency has technically recovered to the 112th level, in which the bulls and the bears clashed. This is apparent from the higher quantity at the beginning of the US session. The bears tried to split 1.1310 (45th level ) for 4 hours. When the outcome of the votes on Brexit were shown , the euro jumped to 1.1338. The bulls were unable to divide the 112 — 135 level scope, so the situation currently favours the bears on the hourly timeframe.
Present situation:

  • 10:00 Germany: harmonised index of consumer prices (Feb).
  • 14:00 OPEC: monthly accounts.
  • 15:30 Canada: brand new housing price index (Jan).
  • 15:30 US: import price index (Feb), initial jobless claims (4 Mar).
  • 17:00 US: new home sales (Jan).

I have marked the intraday swings on the graph between 1.1277 and 1.1388. This type of structure can be seen on cryptocurrencies. After this, if the rate drops below the 50 percent level, the profits made here would be erased entirely. For the euro, the 50% level is currently at 1.1307, which is below the trend line. As such, if this line is brokenup, presuming that extended positions will be closed, then we could set our sights on 1.1277, with 1.1285 (45 levels ) behaving as an intermediate support.

On Wednesday the 13th of March, the euro climbed to 1.1326 from the dollar. I was expecting a recovery to 1.1314, but information regarding Brexit pushed the rate up further to attain 1.1338. Market activity is usually low ahead of final time, but maybe not yesterday.


By Matthew Anthony, Alpari
The greenback fell on the back of votes from British parliament on the conditions of departure in the EU. The House of Commons voted against a no-deal Brexit. These days, the house will vote on delaying the date of exit to May or June.