Episode 68: This Mindset is Ruining Your Trading and How to Stop it – Forex Trading Guide

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welcome to the trading with Venuspodcast where we help you establish strong trading habits generateconsistent profits and create the lifestyle you desire for yourself andyour family now your host Raman Gill I am your host of Rome Gill when I firststarted trading full-time one of the questions I got asked was what do you dofor a living and I would say I am a trader the first thing out of the otherperson's mouth would be don't 95% of the traders fail what I find is as traderswe are up against a lot of negativity we hear a lot of these comments wheretraders don't make money markets are random trading is gambling we cannotmake money we cannot be successful it cannot be profitable so it is veryimportant for us as traders to not get caught up in this negative comments andnegative emotions that the society or other people may be putting on usinstead a look at what other successful traders are doing and focus on makingsure that we are doing similar activities in order to get the sameresults one of the first things that we learned about any business when we starta business is that 95% of businesses will fail in the first 5 years and yethere we are all of us have at some point either work for a business or own abusiness so what does that tell us if every successful business owner actuallygot caught up in the negativity of the 95 percent of businesses that fail thenwe would never have a successful business and yet a look at Amazon whatAmazon has done they have grown from nothing to a multi-billion dollarcompany one of the things that I am a very particular about is that notletting negative people impact my mindset and this is something that Icome across everywhere I do not talk about trading with people that I knowwill have negative things to say about it and that could be myfamily could be my friends it could be my colleagues I just don't talk aboutthis topic with these people because I do not want to take on their impressionsor their emotions about this I know what I'm doing and that's what I'm gonnafocus on I also see this a lot of times in things like YouTube comments and thisis something I do not stand for and I do not tolerate I work very hard to createa positive environment for myself so that my mindset is in the right placeand also for my community so this is the only time that I will delete a youtubecomment it's when somebody is overly negative about trading if you haven'ttried something you don't know what it is if you haven't done it the right wayif you haven't stuck to it and really seen it through you don't know what it'slike so as a result I just do not stand for that I am a very focused on stayingpositive because as you know training is hard as it is so we have to protect ourmindset we have to protect ourselves and also stay focused so instead of gettingcaught up in this negativity of what cannot be done we need to focus on whatcan be done what is possible and then look at how are we going to make ithappen one way to do that is a look at other successful traders see what kindof strategies they're using what are their behaviors what rules do they havein place and what are their day-to-day activities that are making themsuccessful and then we need to study those and implement them in our own lifenow we can't implement everything all at once so important things to start withis one thing at a time so pick a one area and go deep into that startimplementing it review some of the results that you're getting and tweak itas we go along and what you'll find is that if you stick with a positivemindset and you focus on staying with the strategy and doing what you'resupposed to do in the strategy that you have picked you will get those tradingresults so I hope you found this helpful that's all I have for you today for surenotes for this episode please go to trading with Venus comp forward slashpodcast page have a great trading week and I'll see you next timethanks for joining us today with much gratitude your show host Raman Gill.

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Episode 68: This Mindset is Ruining Your Trading and How to Stop it - Forex Trading Guide

Sometimes it seems like we are doing everything right and yet we still can’t seem to make a profit on our trades. Today, I am talking about a hidden mindset that is sabotaging your trading and teaching you how to get rid of it for good!

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