Currency Swaps

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Members :: Treasury Consulting LLP Pleased to Present Video Titled – ” World of Foreign Exchange (FX) Swaps “. Video would be covering world of Foreign Exchange (FX) Swaps like Foreign Currency Swaps , Libor Swaps, Quanto Swaps , Local Currency Swaps. Video do cover $ Swaps, Reverse $ Swaps , Fixed Rate Swaps, Floating Rate Foreign Currency Swaps, Overnight Index Swaps (OIS) , CMT Swaps, CMT Spread Swaps, G Sec Swaps

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Currency Swaps

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30 thoughts on “Currency Swaps

  1. This is by far the clearest video on this subject. That diagram with the currency interest rates was phenomenal! Thank you!

  2. Sir! you are the best. You made life easy. Thanks for this video. Lots of love from Tanzania, East Africa.

  3. what happens in the case when the company also has to make payment to the swap bank ??

  4. Sir, your videos are excellent. Simply the best videos – wish I hadn't purchased textbooks and simply watched all your videos first.

  5. how does company A have a comparative advantage in borrowing in dollars the interest rate is higher than the euro interest rate.

  6. I'm sorry, but can you clarify something? How can US firm pay to the Swap Bank 6% euros if this firm requires euro and did not had it before? So as EU firm is paying to the SB interest in $, but from where? And how did these firms exactly get required currencies in required amount?

  7. Thank You !!!
    You made it real simple to understand 🙂
    Please upload more videos like this on various financial products.

  8. rahul ..u r doing wonderful job..keep it up..and video was extremely knowledgable!!

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