Currency Conversions

How to convert currencies. To right, multiply, to go left divide. Can Majeed get his flight?

Currency conversion

How to calculate currency conversion

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Currency Conversions

How to convert currencies. To right, multiply, to go left divide. Can Majeed get his flight?

40 thoughts on “Currency Conversions

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  2. in realty its not that easy.. we have cash sell and buy rates and transfer sell and buy rates. and we have also cross rates. so l always ask 3 questions when l make FX calculations:
    is it cash or transfer?
    is it buy or sell?
    do l use × or ÷?

  3. I can't believe Majeed couldn't afford his flight. This is what's wrong with the world. He just wants to get home but because he couldn't afford college he's stuck in the lower class and can't break out. Good luck pursuing happiness Majeed you poor son of a bitch. Thanks for ruining my day.

  4. Don't really comment on YouTube but after watching this explained felt the need to. Thanks for making it easy and simple to understand, should be very useful in my upcoming tests.

  5. can any one pls solve this to me for checking

    IN June ,$500 bought (euro sign)*350
    A) what was the exchange rate for 1 Dollar ?
    B)what was the exchange rate for 1 Euro?
    can any one help me ??????

  6. Hi…You get different currencies. how do you know when to divide and when to multiply. please respond.

  7. Thank you sooooo much!! The best video EVER!!! Finally I can do the exchange rates super quick!! You're a lifesaver!

  8. You realise that your video gets viewed long after you upload it right? It's so pointless saying that the currency exchange rate it accurate and either way it makes no difference to learning the method of currency exchange. It just baffled me why you kept mentioning it accurate lol! On another note, thank you for the video.

  9. THANK YOU!!!! I  have had problems with currency conversion for YEARS… so thank you for clearing things up. 🙂

  10. I get it now finally someone that can it explain for me in my slow bus pick up mind frame.

  11. I live abroad and do conversions on a daily basis, but somehow was still struggling with whether to multiply or divide when it comes to these word problems. I watched a number of other tutorials and didn't find them helpful. This cleared it all up! Divide to get into the base currency, multiply to get out =)

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  13. can you explain how to convert Bangladesh taka to dollar for example 250 taka how mach in dollar, I know how to convert dollar to taka. please convert in calculator

  14. I am reviewing your numerical tests and currency conversion and frankly sth seem to be wrong here:
    in question attached first in step one you divide USD by exchange rate. But in step 3 (which is supposed to mimic via real the GBP exchange) you actually multiply it. cost of unit differ significantly (because of course rate is other way around) even if exchange from graph is relatively similar.
    Could you please clarify?

  15. nothing need to explain ,it's just calculating money or convert by current available price .

  16. helpful video, but bit overcomplicated
    speed is essential on the numerical reasoning tests

  17. I really think you have majorly over complicated this.  5500*.62, Then resulting figure divide by 1.61

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