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Dennis is vacationingin China and wants to spend $30 on a new sweater.

The sweater he likescosts 197 Chinese yuan.

One US dollar can beconverted into 6 Chinese yuan.

Dennis will have blank Chineseyuan if he converts his $30.

Well, let's think about this.

He's going to take $30,and the conversion rate is 6 yuan per dollar.

So he's going to have $30times 6 yuan per dollar.

So he's going tohave 30 times 6 yuan.

And 30 times 6, well, that's thesame thing as 3 times 6 times 10, or 180.

So he's going to havea 180 Chinese yuan.

Now does he have enoughmoney to buy the sweater? Well, the sweater cost 197 yuan.

So no, he does not have enoughmoney to buy the sweater.

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Currency conversion word problem | 4th grade | Khan Academy

One day you'll travel to another country and need to know if you have enough money to buy a souvenir in their currency.

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