Currency Conversion and Saving Receipts as PDFs


Unlike an Expense Authorization, in an Expense Report we are entering exact expenses as they appear on the receipts.

You must include a receipt for each expense you list or an explanation for your lack of receipt.

If the receipt shows a currency other than US Dollars, you will have to provide a currency conversion.

We like to use www.


Com for currency conversions.

If we open up a second tab in Internet Explorer and enter in www.


Com and select Currency Converter and Converter, then we can determine the US Dollar equivalent for whatever the expense is on the receipt.

It is best to do this the day of the expense, because if you do it after the fact, your rate may be different as the site takes the average of the day’s rates.

Your bank or credit card company will also have their set rate, so it is a good idea to check with your bank if the calculation on Oanda seems off.

You will choose the currency you are converting from first and the currency you are converting to second.

In this case, let’s say I had $1,200 Quetzales and I need to know how many US dollars that is.

The date on my receipt is March 17, so I change the date as well.

I can either print this page or copy and paste the print preview page into a Word document.

You will need to have one currency conversion for each expense, OR one rate for each day.

You can choose whichever is easier.

If you have several expenses on one day, it may be better to determine the rate and calculate each individual expense.

If it is one expense per day, then it may make more sense to show the whole conversion.

Either method is acceptable.

So we will click "Print" and we will copy this page.


" And we can put it in a Word document.

Now that I have a Word document started, I can take all of my receipts as picture files or copy and paste them into this Word document and put all of them together, so that once I am finished and they are all together I can click "File" "Save as" and "Save as type" I can choose PDF name it whatever I'd like and click "Save.

" This way, all of my receipts are ready to be loaded at the end of my report.

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Currency Conversion and Saving Receipts as PDFs

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