Currencies tied to the pound


so hello people are you going today Ihave the coins of Jersey and Falklands but I'll talk a little bit more apartfrom those 200 it's a UK protectorates mmm day of different status in theUniting well well it's a connection to United Kingdom because they're actuallynot part of the United Kingdom anyway my name is Glen and I like to show youdifferent aspects bit currency from around the world at different timeperiods and today well we're going to talk a little bit about these coins herenow these coins are the same size as the coins of the United Kingdom in whichcoincidentally Kingdom do circulate freely and as a legal tender withinthese countries or Ireland states whatever you want to call and they butthese coins are not legal tender in the United Kingdom now these places are notpart of the United Kingdom so you had the Falkland Islands which is near SouthAmerica then if you ever heard about Falkland war in 1982 the Argentina inthe UK fort then you would have someone dear and these ones are the ChannelIslands and everyone is goons and they also issue their own coins in there thesame sizes as the UK now there are ever places they issue the issue coins samesize as the UK and they are Gibraltar Isle of Man Saint Helena and SaintHelena is halfway between Argentine I'm not Argentina South America and Africaalthough many seen between the UK or Great Britain which is the island inIreland Gibraltar is in the southern tips ofself of Spain and it's actually laying connected to sprain so it's a mainlyEurope so we have a New Jersey coins actually show lots of portraits ofbuildings so we have the there Hawk Tower the hermitage of st.

Helena thesame war tower in the core pierde lighthouse okaythis coin is actually five new pens as you can see 1968 so the coins of Jerseywere also at the same dates as the UK so this one would have been replaced as aone shilling Anisha can see the Falkland him pence is pretty similar in size andthere was a size reduction in UK 1994 do you take five pence and 1992 for the tenbeds and these coins are actually in copper nickel these ones arena mmmkool-aid still so yeah Falkland Islands coins shows animals so this one's a gameto penguins the uplands or Macallan Bruce Lee black-browed albatross so it'sa large bird actual leaves are any Antarctic there's lots of species andgenerally a powerful nesting they usually leave if on the water or inflight and the quite a large bird to penguinsyou know there's many different species only live in the southern hemisphere andyou like cold water goose goose all over the worldokay then we have the signed seal which lives around the Antarctic area mainlyon the ons here we have a Romney mouth shape whichis a shape on the Falkland Islands because the fucking islands he's um it's not close to cheating taktik andit's very cold do you hear so much crop agriculturethey're mainly just grazing agriculture but they were great some type of fruitsand vegetables it's not that barbaric so here I have the offices of these coinsand as you can see the coins of Jersey have our free different types ofobverses so they have queen elizabeth ii well so does fork on islands but thisone yearly once had the dates on the bottom the earliest ones had the date onyou ever saw it for the coat of arms and this is the current issue with the moonone of the current queens heads and apparently no other country is actuallygonna adopt a queen head that the UK has the fuckin islands all these coins arepretty much the same as this and the coin is to protect that of these islandsnow the mintage figure foot is our coins well the jersey coins it's pretty hardbecause it has a high tourist population so it's going t not too short on old menor to both other than of the mintage figures nipples Falkland Islands butgenerally fucking islands is not a tourist place and the population is onlylike two or three thousand I think so Jim mintage of these coins is actuallypretty low in the last coins minted word 2011 for these ones in 2004 for the highdenominations Kubota presume the mintage is higherbecause gets a lot of tourists in st.

Helena's probably low because wellmiddle of the bloody inland Atlantic say who the hell's gonna go yeah so thoseare the coins they look like York a coins but they are not thank very muchwatching you have an awesome coin collecting time then well if you're notinterested in these type of coins maybe you should they're quite aninteresting set again okay bye bye.

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Currencies tied to the pound

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