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  1. I see Switzerland is the bigger supporter of Crypto tech and innovations. There's no way Switzerland would do that if the bankers would be against it. Crypto seems to be how the big bankers reinvented their system, a better one for their purposes. Just like the Oil industry invented the Green Energy movement. I would bet Satoshi Nakamoto is in fact a pseudonym of a banker… Also please don't promote IOTA, there are so many problems with that coin. it sounds good but in practice it is a catastrophe.

  2. I'm sorry. I love you videos but I disagree with you on Cryptos. Anything Digital is trackable and will never be beyond govt control. The only thing truly outside the system is gold and silver(or other bartering items) Unfortunately we will be labeled as criminals if we hold those as well.

  3. All the government needs to do is make it impossible to pay for any of their services like automobile registration, land tax and a whole bunch of other things unless you use their currency. Just a thought. The government will always be in control of everything. Always have been, always will be.

  4. The east is going to make gold /silver great again >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 🙂

  5. Nano is the future of cryptocurrency. It's instant, feeless, infinitely scalable, and doesn't require any miners.

  6. Glenn, quit pumpiing crypto crap to the snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets
    Do you really believe that all of this crypto crap will be worth something some day?
    Cryptos are of no real intrinsic value, because they are not backed up by anything of real intrinsic value,
    Glenn, quit lying to yourself and all of you're followers!
    Until cryptos are of real intrinsic value, they are worth nothing?

  7. Thank you. Can you review the recent Putin address to the Federal Assembly where he showed their new missiles. Feels like trouble for the USA and Eastern Europe

  8. Glenn I am trying to find the best platform to make a currency. Hash graph right now is apps only. Any ideas for a good platform for a coin or token layered on the block chain??

  9. Not a BTC fan (though own GBTC as a speculation), but think BTC still has room to appreciate way past $20,000. The best thing it has going for it is the “promise” of Lightning Network. The longer the Core Devs can delay implementation of LN the better, since when in use people will find out the solution is flawed. But BTC can’t wait forever because BCH will eventually get the scaling solution right. I think it will take a year however for BCH to finally take off.

    Meanwhile, core devs can only hold off on LN for so long before people start to get disillusioned about promises undelivered. In other words, damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Again, that might take a year, so BTC will continue climbing (albeit with a few big corrections) until 2019.

  10. Glenn is trying to predicti the future just like that crazy old fart Clif high with his predictive linguistics baloney which are 95% bullcrap and 5% lucky guesses?
    Peuple, what is going to happen is going to happen!

  11. BTC will continue to dominate until the BTC trading pair loses its dominance. Bittrex and other exchanges are working on adding usd trading pairs. Also Quoine is creating the liquid platform. The liquid platform will use a world book that allows you to buy any crypto from any exchange with any currency. Beta is coming out in April. The Quoine token is already out and it is $QASH.

  12. But wasn't the $US dollar used for drug sales, money laundering, arm sales and black market usage??

  13. You say that Bitcoin wont succeed in the longrun because some other coin will take over. If that ever happens, it will definitely not be Litecoin or BCASH because these coins are not technically superior. They are both 1st gen blockchain just like Bitcoin. Yes, they can handle a few more transactions per second in that very moment, but that is not even close to being enough for mass adoption. Sooner or later they will need some kind of layer two solutions which Bitcoin already has (Lightning Network!).

    So in order to kick Bitcoin from the throne, the coin has to have some groundbreaking advantages over Bitcoin and even that might not be enough, because it is not always the best technology that wins. It is the technology which is good enough and most easy to use. Bitcoin has by far the most media attention, it is the most decentralized coin, it has the most devs working on it every day, it is the most secure network in terms of hashrate, it has the first mover advantage and has already a well established brand. From my point of view thats very hard to beat, but definitely not impossible. We will see what comes…

  14. Hashgraph isn’t going to be anything near a currency. Cryptos have the trust and it needs to get a lot more people rich and then more will want to be a part. Don’t forget FOMO is a powerful force.

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