Countdown to The Precious Metals Breakout Rally

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Chris Vermeulen

This upcoming Monthly Silver graph is the real gem of this precious metals world.  The upside possibility of Silver is really much larger than Gold currently.  Any breakout movement will likely see Silver push well over $30 per ounce and we simply need to see the $18.90 level for signs the breakout is beginning.  Silver will adhere to a similar highlighting patter as Gold.  We expect only about 30 days of buying opportunity left until this highlighting routine is completed.  Again, see the April 21 date because the key date for the breakout movement to begin.

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Now, we are publishing this research post to alert you that we are about 15~30 days off from the momentum base setup in Gold that will probably mirror .  Thuswe have about 20+ days to search for and target entrance opportunities in both Silver and Gold before this momentum bottom/base sets upward.

If you have been following our research over the last couple of months, then you already know that we’ve called just about every major movement in Gold over the last 14+ months.  Recently, we called for Gold to muster to  $1300 place, launch a slight peak, stall and return to set up a momentum base pattern.  We called this move to take place back in January 2019 — almost 30+ days before it occurred.

Please think about the study we’re presenting to you today.  Our predictive modeling procedures have been phoning the metals markets quite precisely over the last 14+ months.  If our prediction of a momentum foundation near or on April 21 is right, then we must start to see an extraordinary upside price swing in Silver and Gold shortly following this date.  You won’t need to miss this one — trust .  There’ll be time for you to grab this move when it begins — it might be an extended upside movement.  Pay attention to put April 21 in your calendar now.

Palladium has attained our first Fibonacci upside targets.  We anticipate price to consolidated and possibly rotate near the $1500 price level.  Ideally, price could fall under the $1300 price amount and target the 1100 area before finding any actual support.  Provided that industrial demand lasts for Palladium, we expect to see continuing upside price activity over the very long term.  At the moment, we are expecting a price contraction as global industrial demand may falter somewhat.
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This Monthly Gold chart, below, shows you the historic peaks which constitute a current resistance level near 1370.  This degree is essential in understanding the way the momentum foundation and next breakout will occur.  This immunity level must be broken until the upside rally can continue above $1400, then $1500.  Ultimately, the momentum base we are expecting for form prior to April 21 is that the”last foundation” to set up prior to a much larger upside rate movement takes place.  In other words, pay attention over the subsequent 30 days until this movement happens.