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REPRESENTATIVE: ComericaBank– a leading provider of banking and foreign exchangeservices helping businesses thrive for nearly 150 years.

Our expertise brings our clientsthe preeminent foreign exchange services you havecome to expect, like Comerica eFX,which is your portal to secure online trading.

Comerica eFX offersyou the ability to control trades, administerpayments, and create and download customizedreports, all through one portal.

This flexible, easy touse, and secure system gives you convenient,round-the-clock access to your riskmanagement positions.

Complete yourtransactions by phone or internet throughout theentire transaction cycle.

Through ComericaBusiness Connect, you can easily log into ComericaeFX using a single sign-on.

All of the information you needto manage your foreign exchange activity is at your fingertipsthrough one online portal.

Use the informativehomepage to quickly glean information and updates.

The Notificationsbanner will provide you with up-to-dateinformation on upcoming bank holidays,market-moving headlines, and anticipatedsystem maintenance.

The dashboard provides a list ofthe tasks awaiting your action.

The robust admin toolallows you to control access by user or client, grantindividual users permission to specific functions,accounts, and activities, determine what counter-partiesthey can access, and provide the ability to trade,make payments, and create settlement instructions.

This may include single ordual levels of approvals.

You can even definethe transaction and total daily limits.

Comerica eFX is asuperior trading portal, where you can buy or sellon the foreign exchange market via single orbulk transactions.

Creating a quote for a singletransaction is fast and easy.

Simply select your buy and sellcurrencies, and enter the buy or sell amount.

Clicking the Auto Quote buttondisplays the real-time rate and shows the amount oftime available to accept each transaction.

When you click Accept Quote,your trade receipt and contract number finalizing yourtransaction will be displayed.

For bulk pricing andpayment instructions, you can use our Excel templateto set up an import file to easily upload all of yourpricing and payment requests in one file.

Use the template to populateinformation directly from your accounting system.

Once you have set up yourimport file in Excel, you can import it intoComerica eFX for easy access.

Create templates forrepetitive payments, like weekly or monthlypayroll, to save you time with pre-filled beneficiaryand instruction detail.

Once you have setup your template, you can easily select it andmake your payments directly within Comerica eFX.

You can modify oradd information with repetitivepayments as needed.

With Comerica eFX,you can set up and maintain standardinstruction templates for your returnsettlement instructions, and quickly access themwhen you need them.

Conveniently access yourComerica foreign currency denominated accountsusing Comerica eFX.

View balance information, drillinto the transaction activity, buy or sell currency, andmake payments directly from your foreigncurrency account.

Run customizedreports to view data regarding your trades andpayments for any time frame.

You can save your reports byexporting them or printing them.

Comerica is devoted toproviding users with support for making tradesand using the portal.

Access the user guide fora deeper understanding of Comerica eFX.

And you can always contactyour trading advisor for assistance using ComericaeFX to discuss hedging strategies or to get informationabout the latest market developments.

Please contact us today toget started with Comerica eFX.


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Comerica eFX® | Online Foreign Exchange Market Trading System

Comerica eFX® is a flexible, easy-to-use, and secure online trading system giving you convenient, round-the-clock access to the foreign exchange market. For more information about Comerica eFX®, please visit:

Comerica, Inc. is an American financial-services company founded in Detroit, Michigan and currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In addition to Texas and Michigan, it has retail-banking operations in Arizona, California, and Florida; and select business operations in several other U.S. states, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

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