Charter Membership entitles you to ALL future currencies with Leo Trader Pro

Last week the guys at Leo Trader Pro decided to form a Charter Membership Group. Now, this is very, very important if you haven’t already taken the Neural Net plunge just yet.

Let me explain why…but first, just in case you haven’t seen or heard of Leo Trader Pro yet…and I have no idea how you could’ve missed this…

See it here:

==> Visit Leo Trader Pro Official Website

Back to the issue at hand… Leo Trader Pro launched with the EUR/USD and USD/GBP Neural Net bot … and you had the option of picking up the USD/JPY and USDCHF bot as well. However, it turns out that right from the very beginning, they’ve been planning on developing MORE currency pairs for the Neural Net to trade!

That’s BIG news! Leo Trader Pro is still making 110% a month comfortably and it’s made many more profitable trades since the launch date. It launched just before Christmas…and in this era of trading, the fact that people still haven’t stopped talking about it is a testament to how powerful Leo Trader Pro is!

Oh wait, I haven’t explained about the Charter Membership Group yet…

As a way to REWARD the people who immediately saw the longterm value of Leo Trader Pro’s Neural Net Wizardry…they’re going to funnel those sales back in to R&D for MORE servers to run MORE currencies!


Charter Members will get them FIRST!


Charter Members will get them at ZERO COST!

If you don’t already have Leo Trader Pro…get it here:

==> Visit Leo Trader Pro Official Website

Now, maybe you were on holiday or you haven’t checked your email in a while, so let me give you a brief run down of who these guys are.

** Leo Trader Pro Debuted at the International Traders Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the 4th quarter of 2010. It was an industry first in the RETAIL FX arena because… Not only have Neural Nets traditionally been exclusive to VERY large banks, no one in the retail FX business has ever taken a public, physical stance the way Leo Trader Pro did.

** They were the first in the business to provide 100% transparent, 100% indisputable, 100% IRREFUTABLE PROOF in the form of Account Investor Password Access…to EVERYONE!

With Account Investor Password Access, you’re looking at a statement generated in real-time from the brokerage where Leo Trader Pro is trading their LIVE account!

It’s impossible to hide anything with this level of access. You can see EVERYTHING! If you don’t know what Account Investor Passwords are and why they’re so important, you can find a 3 minute video tutorial right here:

==> Visit Leo Trader Pro Official Website

** Last, but certainly not least, Leo Trader Pro asked the CEO of the Brokerage where they’re trading the Neural Net, Jani Hjerppe of FinFX, to go ON THE RECORD and provide audio and written testimony as to the validity of Leo Trader Pro’s Account.


That about sums it up.

A thinking, learning computer, 16 cores, 128 gig of ram, analyzing every single currency pair simultaneously, computing hundreds of thousands of possible outcomes, riding on a model of neurons and synapses…

Less that ONE PERCENT DRAWDOWN… DOUBLING your account every single month!

If you’ve found someone else that has a trading engine that simulates the human brain, I’d sure like to know about it, so drop me a line. In the meantime, you’d better become a CHARTER MEMBER of Leo

Trader Pro TODAY!

On Saturday the 15th of January at exactly 9amEST – the Charter Membership Program will be officially closed.

That’s the cut off date, so DO NOT WAIT!

After Saturday the 15th of January at 9amEST … you can still get Leo Trader Pro, but you won’t be a CHARTER MEMBER…

…and that means you won’t get FREE access to the new Neural Nets as they become available.

Leo Trader Pro has just released Version 1.1 so there’s ton of new features to take advantage of. There has NEVER been a better reason to go Neural on the FX Market!

Leo Trader Pro has not had ANY losing trades since it launched!

Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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