Oriental Poppy Seeds – Germinating And Caring For Oriental Poppies (papaver Orientale)

Producing the best from your Oriental poppies

Poppies are a vibrant part of many gardens, and for some of the most incredible plants of the family, Oriental poppy seeds (Papaver Orientale) can be grown and nurtured at home. Perennials by nature, these specimens are perfect in the herbaceous border and will create a serene and natural show of flowers in the spring for all to enjoy. Meanwhile, with a wide range of flower colors available, gardeners can easily incorporate them into their schemes whatever the color palette.

Germinating and growing oriental poppies (Papaver Orientale)from seed can be more difficult than many other poppies, but with the right conditions and care, healthy vibrant plants can be established. Using seed compost, seeds should be scattered generously on the surface of moist soil and not covered. However, while it is important the seeds remain uncovered by soil, they also need darkness to germinate properly. Using newspaper or pieces of card, cover the pot or seed trays at night until the first green shoots start appearing after approximately 15 to 20 days. The covering can then be removed, and seeds grown on with care to ensure that compost is kept moist and air circulation high to prevent damping off.

When plants are large enough to transplant, care should be taken not to disturb the roots as this is a particularly high cause of die-off in young Oriental poppies. They should be situated in an herbaceous border which has nutrient rich, well drained soil, and is in full sun to ensure that young plants can grow up as quickly as possible.

Providing the right initial conditions are correct, Oriental poppies will quickly begin to thrive and put on spectacular shows in the spring. Unlike many herbaceous plants which should be cut down as they fade in the fall, the best time to remove foliage and flower stalks is shortly after flowering, when poppies will begin to brown and die. With root propagation also a viable way of producing new plants, letting seed pods ripen is not necessary, and so all trace of plants should be removed back to soil level. Gardeners will very quickly find that individual Oriental poppy specimens soon start putting out new fresh leaves again, which though staying relatively small, will often remain through the winter months until the spring warmth encourages vibrant growth.

Like many herbaceous plants, the best time to divide, split, and take root cuttings from Oriental poppies is in the fall after they have flowered for the year and become almost entirely dormant. For large specimens which have been left to mature fully, simply digging up the plant will be sufficient to find rooted tubers which can be easily separated. For plants where only one root ball has developed, fleshy roots can be cut into segments of between one and two inches. Lay these just under the surface of potting compost placed into a pot, and maintain the moisture. While disturbance must be kept to a minimum, most plants will start to develop roots after only a couple of weeks, with the appearance of green shoots signaling that the propagation has been successful.

Oriental poppies (Papaver orientale) are beautiful plants that many crave to have in their garden. A border simply full of different shades of specimens provides a breathtaking and stunning sight. And with Oriental poppy seeds offering a wide variety of species to grow, gardeners can ensure that their borders are bursting with vibrancy.

So, now that you understand how easy it is to grow and care for Oriental Poppy Seeds , let me show you all the wonderful colors and varieties available in our store One Stop Poppy Shoppe.

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Themes for an Oriental Bedding Set

When considering glorious bedding units to go well with one’s bedroom, most people would instantly think about the theme and elegance of the bedding set. It is because a comfortable and trendy bed room provides a calming feeling to an otherwise exhausted body. Additionally, bedrooms that look very inviting give peace of thoughts to the homeowners of the home, as they know that they can let their guards down and relax as soon as they set foot inside their bedrooms. It’s for these reasons that selecting the suitable fashion and theme of the bedroom to match the taste, preferences and attitudes of the owners of the house should be given top priority.

If you’re into something classic and Victorian, then you must search for the bedding units that can be capable to match up the Victorian style of your house. If you’re into the more trendy strategy, you can at all times go for the minimalist model of beddings. But if you’re into the distinctive, oriental method, you can all the time strive oriental bedding that’s commercially available.

Like what the name suggests, oriental bedding is made up of various Asian styles and themes. They are very distinctive, luxurious and give off a sense of eloquent beauty. But why is oriental bedding popular?

The most effective answer to this question is because of the beddings’ refined elegance. The magnificence portrayed by oriental bedding faithfully follows the reasoning that ‘less is more.’ In an easy and more tangible manner, the simplicity of a bedroom and the bedding will yield better sleep.

More often than not, the explanation why people don’t get enough sleep is because an excessive amount of ornament – e.g. decorative pillows, several wall decorations and busy headboard – tend to take up area and crowds an individual unconsciously. The best factor to do, then, for the qi or the life power to penetrate within the room is to take down all of those designs. This fashion, the life force will be capable of move freely inside the room to create a more vibrant and relaxing atmosphere.

This is essential as a result of Asian philosophy believes in harmony and steadiness with nature. The qi, or the life force, is what offers individuals a feeling of serenity and contentment. It is also believed to be the pressure responsible for inducing good dreams. When a bedroom is not in harmony with the remainder of the home, then the qi becomes trapped and stagnant. Although many individuals is not going to purchase this principle, it’s still an undeniable fact that this principle has been the idea of design in the East, and that it has been prevalent for over thousands of years already.

With oriental bedding, you can convey these Asian components straight into your bedroom. The first thing that you will need to do is to change the mattress to a simpler yet elegant design. To make it look more Asian, you possibly can select oriental bedding with trademark panda and koi pond designs, or you may merely choose those with bold colours and accents.

For extra Oriental Bedding information go to the Oriental Bedding website.

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Perfection Redefined With Oriental Rugs

Among all the rugs available, oriental rugs are the best among all the dcor items. These rugs are known for glamour and refined antiquity that makes it a perfect choice for the home owners. The oriental rugs have highly ornate floor coverings to adorn the floorings and walls of the home and widely available at the rug makers in Asia, Eurasia, and parts of the Middle East as well. These are further sub categorized in the specific sub-groups including Persian Rug, Kurdish Rug and Chinese Rug etc.
Oriental rugs are made by a number of innovative methods including hand-knotted rugs, hand-loomed, or hand-woven rugs etc. To match the contemporary life style of the people, machine-loomed rugs carry the distinction of being one of the most beautiful artwork in the crowd of contemporary rugs. In general, oriental rugs are designed with complex, ornate, and heavily pigmented ideas and available in crimson, gold, black, navy blue, or bronze colors. What make these rugs very popular are the lighter colors, open and ravishing designs and modern art themes. A complete range of oriental rugs are available in the market to make you selection feasible and perfect.
Unlimited possibilities are associated with the oriental drugs as these are made up with wool, silk, or cotton. Some best rugs of the kind are up of these materials while some other oriental rugs are designed and developed by highly advanced materials like olefin, polyester or synthetic materials. Every material is has its own qualities and internal attributes that make it suitable for all your needs.
Manufacturers are now creating traditional designs for the oriental drugs with machine loomed techniques for the domestic purposes. This is why the contemporary rugs are more affordable and highly appreciated. Some of these rugs are so beautifully made that reflect the notion of being handmade and immensely ravishing. The affordable price and eye catching color combination of these rugs are available in several formats and design options. The carpet area where visitor traffic is very high, oriental rugs is the best replacement in affordable price tag. If all you set to buy some beautiful rugs for your home in your preferred color combinations, oriental rugs are probably the best item to choose from.

For more details you can visit at Rugs

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Getting Bad Odor Away From Oriental Carpet

Oriental carpet will be great choice of home accessories that surely will make your interior decor more attractive. However, the attractiveness will be easily gone when bad odor develops from this home accessory. Usually, odor is developed from dust, high humidity, or from any spilled things such as sauce, coffee, ice cream, or even pet urine. Whenever you smell and notice the odor in your carpet, you should immediately clean the carpet to remove it. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to easier you removing odor from this home accessory.

Before start cleaning the carpet, you need to prepare some supporting things. They are water, vinegar, sponge or brush, rug shampoo or liquid soap, and also duster. You can start cleaning as soon as those supporting items are available.

The first thing to do is dusting the carpet. It will be useful to make your oriental carpet free from any dirt, debris as well as crumbs before you start to deep clean it. You can use your duster to remove all dirt on your carpet.

Second, find out certain spot where the odor comes from. Mostly, odor comes from any stained area that might resulted from any spilled sauce, coffee, or many other else. Focus on cleaning the smelly spot if the odor comes from that certain area. However, if the entire part of your carpet is smelly, you need to clean the entire part carefully.

Third, you need to shampoo the rug by using a mixture of cool water and liquid soap or specific rug shampoo. Coat the entire part of the rug. Then, you can scrub it gently with your sponge or brush. Do not scrub it too hard since it might makes the fine fibers of the carpet damage. Then, rinse it with clean water to remove the residue of the soap, and air-dry it.

Fourth, rinse the carpet by using vinegar. You can mix a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of cool water first, and then use it to rinse the rug well. Vinegar will help you to remove and neutralize the odor well. Then, you can air-dry the carpet again.

If you do not have enough time to clean the carpet, you can also try to contact a professional carpet cleaner company. They will help you a lot in removing the odor well and professionally. Just try those tips and see how beautiful and odor-free your oriental carpet will be.

One of the simplest ways to keep your clean carpet odor-free is maintaining its cleanliness. Therefore, providing oriental carpet cleaners in your home is a very great idea to allow you get higher easiness in cleaning your carpet regularly and easily. Since there are many types of cheap carpet cleaners, you can easily find the best one that suitable with your requirements.

Halloween Haven


Make your haunt the talk of the block with frightfully fun Halloween decorations, candy, costumes and party supplies from Oriental Trading. With our spellbinding selection and screaming low prices, you’ll find hundreds of ways to have a howling good time this Halloween.


I will be partnering with Oriental Trading Company for upcoming projects. Here is what I will be working with!
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Unicorn Valentine’s Card Box Idea


Unicorn Valentine's Card Box Idea

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with this darling DIY project made for us by Alice and Lois. Learn how to make this Unicorn Valentine’s Card Box. Your little girl will just adore this card box for her school Valentine’s party. We have a printable template for all of the paper pieces.

Step 1: Print the two templates pages and cut out shapes. Get the templates from downloads button under the shopping list. http://www.fun365.orientaltrading.com/project/unicorn-valentines-card-box

Step 2: Trace template shapes onto colored paper. Refer to the photo for which colors we used for each piece. But you can always choose any color you like!

Step 3: Cut out all of the shapes on the colored paper.

Step 4: Make the unicorn horn by rolling the horn piece of paper and adhere to top of box using a hot glue gun.

Step 5: Glue the horn onto the top of the box using the hot glue gun. Adhere the ear pieces (glue the pink smaller ear pieces to the larger white ear pieces and fold in the middle slightly) on either side of the horn. Glue the mouth, eyes and hair using a glue stick.

Step 6: Glue the mane pieces together. Glue the edges of mane piece 1, 2 and 3 to adhere (using glue stick) and then use the hot glue gun to glue both manes to the back of the horn.

Step 7: Lightly fold the tail in half-length wise. Fold the bottom edge back a half inch and glue to the back of the box.


In this video I share the pre-party décor tour for the Luau “un-birthday” party that I had for my girls. Since both of my girls have winter birthdays and never get to do fun things outside for their birthdays, I thought it would be fun to have them an un-birthday party in the summer. Plus, since we homeschool, it’s was an extra way to have them spend time with their friends. The weather cooperated and everybody had a great time.

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