Bobby Lee BTCC CEO on bitcoin vs traditional currencies and the hurdles it faces 📈


I think the world is coming around tothe fact that we now have a digital asset class that people can actually useit to pay for things to make large transfers of value on the Internet in adecentralized trustless manner I think that's very very important people youknow instead of making a bank wire transfer which takes a lot of timepatience and trust in the system working and not getting clogged up peoplecan now make large money transfer using digital currencies I've seen that inbusiness and it's very tremendously powerful and rewarding.

And what do youthink the next big step is for bitcoin? The next goal and the next hurdle? You know obviouslyfor the price to keep going up for people to realize that it's not just 100 billion, 200 billion but rather it's a trillion dollar asset class sowhen bitcoin gets to USD$50 thousand you know USD$100 thousandthat's when it gets to that level.

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Bobby Lee BTCC CEO on bitcoin vs traditional currencies and the hurdles it faces πŸ“ˆ

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BTCC, China's first bitcoin exchange, co-founder & CEO Bobby Lee sat down with Crypto Finder at Blockchain Week in London. Mr Lee chatted about bitcoin vs traditional currencies as well as what the future holds for bitcoin and it's hurdles.

Interview from: 23rd January 2018.

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