20 thoughts on “Bill Gates on Digital Currency

  1. This is a reference sample for a hacker who I encountered.
    His qualities,attributes and effectiveness is a risk because of what he has in his head and can do with his hands on the system. You won’t believe he can double the value of bitcoin digits,ethereum/any cryptocurrency irrespective of it’s current $dollar value in the stocks, it’s free. CONTACT: JAMIEHACKING99@gmail.com

  2. If he supports this run the other way
    Its apart of the agenda if you want to continue to be a corporate slave and buy buy your Monsanto seeds and get your vacinne people wake up he's throwing up his gang signs the whole time wake up people got to come together and face these wolves in sheep clothes or should I say reptilian that can't do nothing but manipulate we must come into power stop there b.s. we are creators and the can only manipulate our creation and our minds we are strong together and nothing but a small cell alone they are the cancer we are the cure.. Wake up now there's nothing to fear but fear itself as you walk through the valley of death. Don't give your power away. There just mad because we are creators and the went given that power. They can only twist and flip our thoughts and creations.but we must come together no matter our race religion education language etc. We are our savior but only together can our minds and hearts contour this like the power rangers wake up. Erase the program and get with the truth.

  3. Yes put all of your wealth into electronic storage , then wait for that EMP to go off….

  4. They are finding out that GATES – GULLEN is tied to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and the KALERGI PLAN – they built 2,000 MOSQUES in TEXAS , and flooded it with thousand of refugees from war torn country's – that have been watching the US BOMBING them for the past 50 years – most children are programed since the age of 5 so – if you dont have a GUN GET ONE – till he is arrested ….and jailed.

  5. WHY doesn't BILL GATES with his billions – GIVE MONEY TO THE POOR , instead of putting the whole world in to a digital currency – ???

  6. Paging Mr. Orwell, paging Mr. Orwell, Big Brother wants a central planned global digital currency, paging Mr. Orwell

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