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Forex strategy course: The best 5Expert Advisors.

Hello dear traders, we have launched our Top 5 Forex strategycourse few weeks ago and I'm very happy that there is great interest on it.

Allright? This course is result from many years ofexperience I can say, so many strategies tested.

And what we do, is wediversify the risk between different strategies and different Expert Advisors.

So, each Forex strategy uses different indicators on different time frames, ondifferent currency pair.

This way we achieve more stable results and weachieve better diversification of the risk.

So, we have combined scalpingfollowing strategies.

And as well, we have strategies that are for the trend marketthat are actually following the bigger trend and we are just scalping on the smaller time frames.

And as well, I have placed there 2 strategies that are suitablefor the sideways market.

So, these strategies are just buying when theprice is cheap.

And they're buying why? Because this is the idea in sidewaystrading to buy when the price is cheap and to Take Profit on the higher level and in the same time to sell when the price is more expensive.

OK? So, what you willreceive in the course, is full explanation how to trade each Forexstrategy manually, the 5 Expert Advisors if you wish to trade themautomatically on Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5, lifetime update to this forthis Forex strategy course.

So, we update the courseevery month and I just do optimization for the recent market conditions.

And youwill receive the strategies with the new parameters and as well you will receivethe new Expert Advisors for trading.

OK? We have already so many students joiningthis course.

Simply, because we provide 5 Expert Advisors on extremely cheapprice.

And everybody who is interested in algorithmic trading can join the courseand practice with these 5 Expert Advisors.

Of course, if you like it youare going to trade it on a live account.

But keep in mind this is yourresponsibility and you need to go on live trading only when you are sure andyou are satisfied with the results.

And basically, when you feel comfortable withthe results.

So, you will be trading on the live account.

OK? Also, we willupdate the optimization process of this Forex strategy course.

At the end of thecourse you will see how to optimize the strategies for Meta Trader 4 and how tooptimize them for Meta Trader 5.

I will teach you how to do this with the ForexStrategy Builder Professional.

If you look at my chart you will see somestrategies for trading on the Meta Trader 4 platform.

Here is the Forex StrategyBuilder Professional.

This is a unique Strategy Builder that allows us to tradeso many strategies without actually any interfere of the trader.

It's fullyautomatically.

And as well, we have many statistics.

You can see I have theindicator chart.

I can see exactly where the trades were open, where the tradeswere closed.

If I just zoom out here is a trade.

First, I had a smallshort trade that I had and after that I'm having this long trade, you can seeopened here and closed over here.

So for example, with this strategy that I amusing in the Top 10 USDJPY strategies course I have MACD on a higher timeframe.

And as well, I'm having a MACD again on M30 higher time frame.

So,I'm following the trend on H1 and on M30.

And this is what I'm doing actuallyin 3 of the strategies for the Top 5 Forex strategy course.

So, in thecourse I will teach you how to make an optimization with this Forex StrategyBuilder Professional.

We have all the indicators here, initial parameters andthen in the best column you will see which are the new parameters for thestrategy.

Here, we place the minimum and the maximum and the step.

So for example, if we have Stop Loss of 300 points which is 30 pips we can place minimum from 200points and maximum 400 points.

All right? This means the Strategy Builder willlook for Stop Loss that is between these values.

If I place for example 900, thismeans that the Strategy Builder will look for Stop Losses that are between 20and 90 pips.

And if I place step of 100 or 10 pips this means it will check allpossibilities with 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90.

And if I do the very same thingfor the Take Profit and I will place as well 90 as a maximum and I will have 10pips or 100 points what we will have, is that the Forex Strategy BuilderProfessional will check this Forex Strategy with all possible combinationsfor Stop Loss and Take Profit.

And of course, I can do this with the otherparameters as the MACD in this case on M30 and H1 chart, and the Bollinger Bands.

So for example, in Bollinger Bands if I place from 10 to 90 and I place 10 asstep, this means that it will check all possible variations 10, 20, 30 up to 90for the MA period in the Bollinger Band.

This is what optimization is about.

Itfinds the best parameters for the indicators, for the Stop Loss and the TakeProfit according to your historical data over your broker.

So, it is very importantwhen you do optimization of the strategies to do it over the historicaldata of your broker.

And this is what I will teach you how to do in this course.

Many people buy Expert Advisors from the market and they start trading with them.

And at one moment they start to lose, which is very normal.

Every strategyfails at a current moment.

There are no strategies that will be profiting allthe time.

The important thing is to maintain this strategy, this Forexstrategy and one thing is to do optimization over your historical data.

Second thing is to do it over your historical data from your broker.

Now,many of the students don't really like to do optimization.

So, how I sold thisproblem, I can say for me is I take historical data from couple of brokers.

Ido optimization for couple of brokers every month and I take the averagevalues for each parameter.

And for the Stop Losses and Take Profits and thisway I cover I can say the historical data from many brokers and Itry it real to take an average value for the Stop Loss and the Take Profit thatwould work for most of the brokers.

But of course, one more time this is not aguarantee that it will work for your broker.

So, the best thing you can do isto use the Forex Strategy Builder Professional and to do optimization byyourself over your historical data.

And the Forex Strategy Builder Professionalcomes with 14 days free trial that you can test it and you can use this timeactually to optimize the strategies from the course or the other thing is you canbuild your own strategies, your own Expert Advisors and for 15 days you canexport as many Expert Advisors as you wish.

So, if you look one more time overthe chart and if I go to our website and I go to this blue button that says FSBPro 14 days free trial, that is actually 15 days free trial, you can see thatthere is the download trial version.

And you can download the Forex StrategyBuilder Professional for free and you can test it for 15 days.

Here are freevideos from the developer mr Popov from Forex software Ltd.

Where he teaches how to use exactly in details Forex Strategy Builder Professional.

You cansee below is the price and actually EA Forex Academy is official distributor ofit because we show it in many courses of ours.

And as our student you will be ableto receive huge discount from the software company.

OK? So, here you candownload it on your computer and you can test the Forex Strategy Builder.

OK?Unlike the EA Studio which is web based Strategy Builder, the Forex StrategyBuilder Professional you need to download it.

EA Studio you can use it on the web browser.

It is actually web based Strategy Builder.

And one of the strategies for GBPJPYis with EA Studio Strategy Builder, also 14 days free trial there.

These arereally professional Strategy Builders.

And it is up to you if you want to usethem or not.

You can use of course the Optimizer from Meta Trader but it'sreally much slower and if you're looking into professionally it will take you solong time to use the Meta Trader.

And there are some negative sides of using the back tester of Meta Trader.

But I'm not going to discuss them now in this video.

So, the Top 5 Forex strategy course is designed for newbie traders and as wellthese Expert Advisors could be used from professional traders.

These are justready strategies that I have tested for so long time and I have been updatingthem.

So, once you enrolled into the course you will receive the lifetimeupdates and you can look at our forum there is a topic called: "Updates in thecourses".

So, here I post all updates that I do for the courses and every new monthI update most of my courses with new Expert Advisors or I optimize the ExpertAdvisors.

So, you can see here I just have optimize that and actually this is forthe month of September, the month of October again I have optimized thisForex trading strategies course.

And I have optimized the 5 robots.

So, when you click on the forum you will see this topic which says: "Updates in the courses".

This is where you can follow all the updates from the courses.

So, what theForex strategy course will teach you, is how to use 5 Expert Advisors on 5different strategies using different currencies on different time frames.

We're looking for diversification.

All right? Thank youvery much for watching! If you have any questions don't hesitate to drop me aquestion in the support forum.

I always answer within 12 hours.

Thank you verymuch for watching.


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Best Expert Advisors - Forex strategy course

Best Expert Advisors in the Forex strategy course - one of the first courses from Petko Aleksandrov Till the moment is the course that counts new students daily. The great value in the course comes from the fact that he has included 5 different Expert Advisors for 5 difference currency pairs. Everyone who enrolls in the course receive the best Expert Advisors, and each is a tested Forex strategy.

Are you looking for a profitable Forex Strategy? What about having 5 in your trading portfolio? Click the link below and enroll for $9.99, and get the 5 best Expert Advisors:

What will you learn in the Forex strategy course?

-trade the five best Exert Advisors, and diversify the risk

-you will know how to use Meta Trader platform for algorithmic trading

-follow the performance of the best Expert Advisors and each Forex strategy

-trade algorithmic and stay less in front of the screen

-learn to trade the strategies manually if you wish to

Why these are the Best Expert Advisors?

The trader has tested them for quite a long time. More, he has provided his best Expert Advisors already to hundreds of students around, and no one reported any errors or mistakes in the code.

Petko Aleksandrov updates the best Expert Advisors every month. This means that once enrolled to the course you will receive lifetime update. The update will be attached to the course, and you will be able to upload the new parameters of the Expert Advisors.

Who is the trader?

Petko Aleksandrov is professional trade with over 10 years of experience on the market. He has worked for couple of institutions, looking to the best way to trade on the market. He has graduated trading London, where he was invited to stay in, but he decided to continue with his own, and established the EA Forex Academy.

Now he is dedicated in providing professional trading education in online courses, and he shares his best Expert Advisors!

For more algorithmic trading courses, from Petko Aleksandrov, please visit the page: