tempest are nationwide portrait photographers mainly in the school market also are involved with graduation events for universities and because we recently moved into gowning we're finding that we're purchasing more and more materials direct from abroad so we use a currency to affect those purchases rather than paying sterling and have it converted i would recommend for torfx to anyone in that the personal service that is provided that we value very much here at tempest it is important and also and the need in our business to speak to somebody when we do need to make a purchase and for that purchase to progress as efficiently as possible i would recommend torfx because I have an ongoing relationship with our account manager there Tim and their accessibility I can always speak to someone and but also we plan our purchases as best we can over the years period so that we can purchase the currency that we need at the most appropriate time by affecting the purchases in the currency of choice which is dollars we can secure a far better deal for these reasons I would have no hesitation in recommending torfx to any supplier who needs a currency requirement.

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