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Many of you, whether for studies or for work, you find yourself in the situation that you can not operate the sessions of trading that interest you, for example the london session or the new york session or even the asian session, depends on the area of ​​the world in which you find yourself and the market or the pairs that you want to operate.

Today I bring you an alternative for those who can not operate in the schedule you want during the week, and is to practice during the weekend with the forex tester program, but simulating the course of a week, that is, configure the program in such a way that everything that happened in a week (which in forex would be five working days), it compresses in time in a day.

On screen you see the data loaded for the euro-dollar instrument, and it's set in the one hour time frame, although if you want to operate fifteen minutes or four hours, in reality that is indifferent to what we are looking for, which is somehow replicating as faithfully as possible, the course of the week in a shorter period of time, and see what is the dynamics of the different sessions.

And for this what you need is: First, Load the instrument data you want to trade in forex tester.

If you do not know how to do it, I invite you to watch the first video I recorded of forex tester, where I explain how do we have to load the data to do a simulation, and once you have the data, what you have to do is set the speed, for which we will do the following: In this tab we will select "each tick", which means that the simulation, we will give the highest level of detail, and in this bar, which would be the speed of the test, we will place it at the minimum speed.

If you look at the bottom, we see that we are at 23:59 Sunday, that is, fair just at this beginning the week would begin.

In this case from August 16, 2010.

If we start the test.

In forex tester you can identify when a week starts and ends with these division bars, when they are double, it is a week change.

As we can see, the week starts here and here you can see at 12 o'clock at night and two minutes.

Well, the interesting thing about this is that at this speed what you are going to have is that is that each candle in the time frame, if in a normal week logically it would take an hour to train, at this speed it will take 12 minutes approximately in each hourly sail.

With which, the 5 days of the week they are going to be compressed in a single day, which is the day of the weekend that you can use to practice, or you can divide it on Saturday and Sunday or whatever suits you, but the fact is that at this speed you will be able to see the evolution of the market as if you were operating, but five times faster.

With which your practice and your operation is going to resemble more to a real market that not for example, if you pause the simulation, and you're taking out the candle, because that is not so realistic, like you observe the different formations of the candles and above all, have the patience to wait for the signal, it is very important, that you can not practice it in a back testing, Unless you do it this way, that you set a fixed speed and that you let the market go by, do your analysis, and operate in a setting that is as similar as possible to operate in real.

And especially with the advantage that you can be aware of the schedule, which you have here below, and operate the sessions that interest you: For example, for the euro / dollar the most convenient sessions are mostly london session and overlapping of london and new york.

And even you can download the data for the current week and on Saturday or Sunday, simulate and operate at accelerated speed everything that happened that same week in the forex market.

This is from my point of view, one of the best ways to take advantage of forex tester for those who can not operate on weekdays, those who do not have time, optimize it in this way and practice, taking into account that it is a speed that is five times faster than what would be the normal market.

Mada more for today, if you are interested in acquiring forex tester You can do it with the link that I will leave in the description, and in addition to the promotions that they apply you will have an additional discount from Winpips.

See you in the next video a greeting and many pips!.

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Backtesting optimizado con Forex tester 3 | Winpips

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