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False Profit

In a near future apocalypse a major stock market crash paves the way for a new private currency to rise. Backed by a private corporation this new currency is a savior to the people grasping for anything. A company accountant experiences the death of his wife. Following her death, her body is collected by the company for unexplained reasons. He struggles through grief and questions the hand that feeds.

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The Empire Podcast #9: Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing

Originally published: February 9, 2012 (

In Episode 9 of the AFP, we get into the nitty-gritty of minimizing your workload by outsourcing to Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. In owning and a running an outsourcing company right here in Davao City, we thought we’d bring a unique perspective on how to find, manage, and work with your VA’s that seems to be lacking with some of the people that often talk about offshoring.

Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing

Everyone hears about how cheap and great outsourcing to the Philippines can be, but should you REALLY hire a VA right now? Where do you go to find a great VA? What are the actual costs of an agent in the Philippines? How do you make sure they’re going to be successful? What do you do if it’s not working out? These questions and more are covered in this slightly longer episode. We give personal examples from our experience in running a company here since 2007 and our living here for over two years that will allow you take action as you expand your team through offshore outsourcing.

Topics Discussed Include:

-When you need to hire a VA…and why the Philippines is a great option
-The best places and sources for quality VA’s in the Philippines
-Breaking through cultural barriers with Filipino VA’s
-Limitations on work – What your agent can and can’t do
-How to resolve problems with your VA and how to let them go
-The difference between a VA and an outsourcing company and when to use each
-The BEST way to track your agent’s work and send money to your Virtual Assistant


-AFP 5 Star Reviews on iTunes:
-AdSense Flippers on Facebook – Join us to see our latest pictures and to follow our latest specials and giveaways: (, Craiglist for the Philippines (, (, ( – Some of the best job boards for hiring in the Philippines.
-Virtual Staff Finder – Saves a bunch of time. Don’t have to dig through resumes and job applications, they find the hires for you.
-Grammar Test ( – We use this to weed out job applicants. If they can’t take the test and send us results or score less than a 75% (Over 80% is great!) we won’t bother reviewing or interviewing.
-13th Month Pay ( – I know, I know…where’s OUR 13th month pay?!?! It’s a nice benefit for employees here in the Philippines.
-Example Employee Report with Roll-Ups – Just an example spreadsheet showing you how we track hours for employees with fake stats.
-HiveDesk – Fantastic option for monitoring your VA’s work with random screenshots. Very affordable.
-RemitHome – Great way to transfer money to the Philippines for cheap and with less $$ lost on currency conversion.
-Join.Me ( – Screenshare software that doesn’t require any downloads…and free!

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Did you find this week’s episode useful? It’s a bit more targeted towards AdSense users in particular, but thought it helpful for our audience. Let us know if you liked it! Here’s the link to the podcast on iTunes: Thanks for the support!

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West Texas Trading Co

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Sydney, AUS x AUS, Texas
At West Texas, we look to the aesthetic, graphics and spirit of the historic American West and channel these ideas into modern menswear styles and accessories. A partnership between two mates from Sydney and Texas, enables the brand to bring an authentic snapshot of Texan culture to the Australian clothing market.

Quality leather goods are at the heart of the West Texas aesthetic. We make a number of items by hand, the old-fashioned way, from quality materials. Our leather products are produced in our Sydney workshop. Each piece is individually cut, crafted and shaped from Australian leather hides, then hand-stitched, stained and finished creating a truly unique piece. Each product is designed to shape to the wearer and become a representation of their lifestyle.Our products are Made To Be Worn.

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Amazon Stock rallies today 5% pop $AMZN Chart Analysis

Live trading, market analysis, & education. We trade forex, futures, stocks, options, and cryptocurrency.

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*General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

*CP Trading Co and or any associate is not a registered investment advisor, broker, dealer, or member of any association or other research providers in any jurisdiction whatsoever and we are not qualified to give specific financial advice.

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ACE – ART OF TRADE “Symphony of Silk & Metal” trailer

Symphony of Silk&Metal is a social responsibility project of ACE Warehouse and Lojistics Company.
First premiere of this groups concert will be live on London Metal Exchange week. After this premiere there will be some concerts in İstanbul, Shanghai and Almaty in 2018. All proceeds of the concerts will be donated to Unicef.

Müşteri: ACE WLT
Kreatif Direktör /Creative Director: Kağan Özmeriç
Yönetmen / Director: Sinem Cezayirli
Yapım / Production: Ya Da Film
Yapımcı/Producer : Suat Küçükaydın, Hakan Fıçıcı
Görüntü Yönetmeni / D.O.P: Fırat Lita Sözbir
Prodüksiyon Amiri / Production Manager: Hasan Kurt
Prodüksiyon Koordinatörü / Production Coordinator: Ekrem Tekdal
İran Prodüksiyon Koordinatörü / Iran Production Coordinator: Saman Darvish
Kazakhistan Prodüksiyon Koordinatörü / Kazakhistan Production Coordinator: Pavel Petrovskiy
Prodüksiyon Asistanları / Production Assistants: Velican Çalışkan,Ezgi Günaydın
İstanbul Prova Organizasyonu/ İstanbul Rehearsal Organization: Fatma Okumuş
Kamera Asistanı / AC: Saygın Ayyıldız, Abolfazl Abahst, Soheil Goharipour
Post Prodüksiyon Şirketi / Post Production House: Mantis
Offline Kurgu / Edit: Özkan Aksular
Renk Düzenleme / Color Correction: Fatih Oger
Aranjör: Serdar Öztop
Aquadrum: Deniz Güngör
Perküsyon: Jarred Cagwin
Ney: Tolga Ünaldı
Keman: Melisa Uzunarslan
Dizi: Ma Di
Dombra – Vokal: Yerzhan Zhamenkeyev
Kobuz: Moldir Yerbol
Sybyzgy: Darkhan Alimgazy
Jetigen: Zhadra Musrepova
Shaman Drum: Nurtugan_Kossamanov
Tar: Arash Ahmadinasab
Kamancha: Siavash Ahmedinasab

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