Fair Trade Flash Mob

This was the big event of the UBC Fair Trade Committee’s fair trade week and what a kick off it was!

I spent the weekend fearing rain but when Monday morning rolled around, we were blessed with glorious sunshine and puffy white clouds.

Because the flash mob would be moving quickly and to several different locations, I did not know what to expect and prepared for just about everything. I brought the GH2 with the Lumix 7-14mm wide zoom, the 14-140mm kit zoom in case I needed flexiblity, and both the Steadicam and the monopod. I ended up shooting the entire event on the 7-14 and the Steadi.

The wind sure was a challenge though! Because the GH2 is such a feather weight, I usually balance it with a hot shoe LED light on top for the added inertia. Even with the added weight, it was no match for the rapid gusts! You can see me getting blown around in the footage outdoors. Still, it worked out well enough and most of the footage was usable.

Audio wise, I stuck to the reliable on board mic of the GH2. If only all video DSLRs had mics like this one.

It was a suitably grand kick off to a successful fair trade week and I was glad to have been a part of it.

See full blog post here for more details:

See the Behind the Scenes footage here:

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Robert Mundell Lecture: “Is North America an Optimum Currency Area?” (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 2002)

On April 4, 2002, Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Mundell, currently University Professor Emeritus at Columbia University, delivered the Sir John A. Macdonald Lecture in Business and Public Policy at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. This magisterial and wide-ranging lecture covers topics including: the history of the international monetary system; fixed exchange rates and inflation targeting as alternative monetary policy rules; the theory of optimum currency areas (work for which Mundell won the Nobel Prize); recent monetary history of the US, Canada, and Mexico; monetary and exchange rate policy options for Canada; and prospects for the international monetary system. This is a must watch for anyone interested in the global monetary and financial system from one of the geniuses of the field, a wunderkind widely considered the most important macroeconomist of the 20th century after John Maynard Keynes.

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Doctor, Lawyer Teacher

Wrote this for my students in Brooklyn, NYC and for all the other young people I’ve worked with over the years~
Doctor lawyer teacher
Doctor lawyer teacher
Doctor lawyer teacher
I work hard for my future
To be a doctor lawyer teacher
Doctor lawyer teacher
Doctor lawyer teacher
And Mr. President, I see ya
In the halls, in the class, I be thinkin, I be writing
Never caught up in that fighting
Cuz Im working to get mines in
If its math Im calculating
Science collaborating
My chemistrys fully legal
Ima earn
clean currency
I am on my
A game
Call my by my last name
Professor level
Its impressive
I am not at all
History I ace that test
Always do my very best
Educated and I flaunt it
This report card, I work for it
Get that knowledge
And I store it
Got that 100? Yeah I scored it
Dont be sore if you aint got it
Listen and start learning
When that bell rings
I pack things
Books and notes
Im studying
College bound Im headed see
If you know me you know Ill be a
Doctor lawyer teacher, doctor lawyer teacher, doctor lawyer teacher
I work hard for my future
Ill be a doctor lawyer teacher
Doctor lawyer teacher
Doctor lawyer teacher
And Mr. President, I see ya

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Conversation Currency – TheArtofPublicSpeaking – GlennGarnes

Are you frustrated by not having a clear roadmap on launching your Public Speaking career and having your message heard by large audiences?

Does building your personal brand online confuse you due to the gadgets and technology that the gurus told you need in order to succeed?

My conversation with Glenn Garnes, founder of Experts on Stage will de-mystify exactly what it takes to get started commanding respect for your message on stages around the world.

In this interview you’ll learn:

*Why now is the best time to get started with Public Speaking
*The right mindset for leveraging technology to spread your message online
*Step-by-Step instructions to get started with Public Speaking

Experts On Stage is the fastest growing resource hub for aspiring and established public speakers. The platform delivers a comprehensive speaker’s bureau,
content marketing platform and a public relations agency under one roof.

Conversational Currency is the fastest growing platform dedicated to value and importance of social skills for business in a digital era through the lens of the
leading business and thought leaders. Conversational Currency is hosted by Shadeed Eleazer.

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