A Simple Forex Swing Trading Strategy

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I'm gonna show you how to trade withless stress, less time, and be more profitable.

Now, most of us, in our everyday lives, orthe mindset that says that the more hours, that you work the more money thatyou should be getting paid.

And it's this mindset that many take into thefinancial markets that ultimately results in a whole lot of stress, andsome cases a complete destruction of the trading account.

Resulting you in giving upthe trading dream.

But successful trading doesn't have to look like this.

In fact, Iwould go as far as to say that once you know what to do and what to look for, theless time that you spend at the trading screens, the more profitable that you'relikely to be.

Now, let's face it most of you out there have day jobs got familiesyou've got other daily commitments that prevent you from sitting at the screensthroughout the trading day.

So, generally what happens is in such cases is thatwhen you do have a spare a few hours, you log on to your broker platforms and youtry to outwit the markets to make a profit.

Now this is extremely difficultif not impossible to do on a consistent basis and often does result indeed inthose losses.

So in this week's video, I want to share with you a highprobability day trading strategy that will be less less stressful, less timeconsuming and if used correctly, will be considerably more profitable.

Now verybriefly put is an end of day trading strategy based on simple price action atkey levels of support and resistance.

Now once you know what you're looking forthis strategy will take you less than 10 minutes a day to analyze.

That's right!Just 10 minutes, that's less stress and chances are way way more profitable.

Nowonce I've walked through the nuts and bolts on the whiteboard which I'll do ina minute.

I encourage you to download the linkbelow where you can register to get the training videos behind this powerfulstrategy.

That's not all! You'll also be able to access a free tool that we'vemade available where we all will help you find these potential setups at aglance.

And all you need to do then is go to the price chart to see if the rulesapply it.

Okay, let's have a quick look at the whiteboard to get to the nuts andbolts.

So as we said, this is an end-of-daystrategy.

And what we're doing we're looking for some simple price actionsetups that are found at key levels of support and resistance.

Now when we geton to the charts in a moment and of course when you download the videos,everything will become a lot clearer.

But I just want to explain to you exactlywhat we'll be looking for.

First of all, we're looking for this type of setup.

Nowthis is a bullish engulfing.

Now you know from your candlestick analysis that acandlestick shows us quite a lot of information.

Here, you can see the marketopens here.

Close is lower because it's a red candle with wicks either side thisis a bearish candle the market is moving down.

But what's important about thiscattle is that the next candle fully engulfs the previous candle.

That's whyit isn't engulfing candle.

The next candle is blue that basically means itwas a British candle this is a bullish engulfer.

Bullish ingulfer at keylevels of support can be very very high probability turning points.

Now if youlook at the Belgian engulfer exactly the same but the opposite.

Here you've got abullish candle market opens here closes up here is a bullish candle because it'sblue.

The next candle fully engulfed that candle on the way down.

This is a bearishcandle fully engulfing the previous range of this of that candle.

This is abearish engulfing candle.

Now when this happens at key levels of resistance thiscan signify a really strong probability turning point for the market to headback down.

Now here we have a bearish pin bar and a bullish pin bar.

Bearish pinbarquite simple to follow market opens here then trade all the way back up.

Sothere's big strong buying momentum taking this market back up to thesehighs within the sellers take control and push the market back down and weclose back down here.

This is quite a bearish panel seeing these at levels ofresistance can indicate a strong turning point for the market ahead back downagain.

Again, here this is the bullish engulfer same type of thing.

Marketopens here, trades down, sellers take control and then the buyers come backinto the market and push the market right back up againto close up here.

This is a bullish candle the Bulls took control of thattime period.

When you see these at key levels of support this can be a goodindication that the trend may be turning in the opposite direction back on itself.

Now let's look at the other chart to see exactly where these form on the chartsto give you a bit of an indication of exactly what they mean.

Okay, so here you can see we are in a down trendy market.

Couple of red candles coming in here.

Wehit a level of support indicated by this dotted line here.

Market trades throughthe support with this red candle then the next candle fully engulfed thatcandle but closes higher than that support level.

And of course that wouldindicate a possible trend direction change for the market to head back upagain.

So anything happens we get into a level of resistance.

We break resistancethe next candle fully engulfs the previous candle and trades lower thanthat resistance level.

This is a good indication that this market will betrending back in the direction from which it came a reversal.

And then wehave the pin bar.

Now this is the bullish pin bar market.

Tt's trendinglower market trades lower again and then hits into this level of supportindicated by the dotted line.

But then the buyers take control push the marketback up again and we close above that level of support to take us higher.

Samein the pin bar at the top here the bearish pinbar hit into a level ofresistance markets taken higher by the buyers, sellers take control and we closelower than that level of support.

Now this ability that's quite a few littlerules that we add on to it.

So tell you what switch setups you should be takingwhich ones you should be avoiding where to place your entries and where to placeyour stops of course.

And all that is explained to you when you download thevideos which you can do from the bottom of this video the link is below here.

I'll get back onto the screens now and I'll show you this on a real chart somight become just a little bit of that clearer.

Okay, so here we are now on acurrent chart of the Australian dollar against the Japanese yen.

This is lookingback in history now.

So we're looking back in time to see if any of theseprice formations would throwing up any opportunities in thepast.

The real-time chart you can see the price ticking away down there in thebottom right.

Straight off the bat I can see here that this move here from thedownside.

This downtrend here comes into this level of support and puts in thisnice-looking pin bar here.

Now this pin bar is a little of support following ourrules we'd have taken that trade nicely higher as well giving us a few pips tothe outside.

This moves up nicely up to the next level of resistance where weput in this bearish engulfing pattern.

Remember from the whiteboard this is ahigh probability turning point at levels of resistance and indeed that worked outvery nicely there as well.

Not a lot showing in here.

I don't think a bit ofconsolidation there then we move back down.

Almost put in a bullish engulfingthey're not quite don't quite engulf but that would have been a nice littlepowerful a turning point had it been a fooling golfer but not to be.

Oh here wego! There's a nice little pattern there a couple of pin bars coming into thatlevel of resistance.

That would be an opportunity for us as well.

You have beenable to take a good four hundred pips out of that one as well.

So this islooking back in history.

Of course , these ones worked in the past.

Not all of themdo work but you can see these are high probability turning points in a market.

And you don't need to be spending countless minutes in the day or hours ofthe day looking at the charts for these setups.

Okay, this tragedy really is perfectfor those that have the busy lifestyles but also want to make an additionalincome from trading the markets, for yourselves or indeed the family.

Thosevery basic overview.

So what you need to do now is click the link below to gainaccess to all the training videos and we go through the strategy in much muchmore detail looking at some back testing as well.

Then you're going to bewell-equipped with all you need to know to finally put a stop to bleeding moneyfrom your trading accounts and become a profitable trader.

As always, if you likemy video give me a thumbs up.

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Till the next video, thanks and happy trading!.

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A Simple Forex Swing Trading Strategy

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