26 thoughts on “A beginner’s guide to the stock market.flv

  1. Hazel are you interested in JA stock exchange, i'm looking at doing something from the UK, are you ?

  2. They could do with more videos as its 3 years old, good cover but poor delivery i think.

  3. Thank you very much for explaining different strategy when approaching the stock market. Building a diverse portfolio.

  4. Thanks for the info. My brothers buys stocks through his bank. I have had mutual funds through my bank but is it any good compared to Robin Hood or Fidelity? Also, I do not use my cell phone for data and I am always on my laptop. Would Fidelity be better for me?

  5. Hey great vids any recomendations on some books to read for beginners. I like hard copys best. Thanks.

  6. Thanks Ryan you're a true blessing. Man you're making a difference in the world.✌

  7. My two favorite things are investing in the stock market, and playing poker. So my username for my online poker account is Warren Bluffet! ; )

  8. I’m looking to just have fun and not be serious on investments, do you have any recommendations

  9. Hi there, I really want to be a stock investor and want to start in the next 6 months, currently I am still inexperienced but binge-watching your videos. I was wondering if any of you know a RobinHood alternative for eastern europe, particularly Romania. As many of the good investing apps are not available outside the US. Thanks for the videos, I learned a lot.

  10. Ever since i saw wolf of wall street, I don’t ever want to use a stock broker.

  11. Have they made it global…I am not a USA citizen, but I am a Canadian citizen

  12. If you do chose to have the stocks be bought and sold automatically, could you override that yourself? What this means is could you chose to buy/sell at a different price? Could you change your ranges at any time for stocks to be bought and sold?

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