26 thoughts on “A beginner’s guide to the stock market.flv

  1. Donald L

    Hazel are you interested in JA stock exchange, i'm looking at doing something from the UK, are you ?

  2. Donald L

    They could do with more videos as its 3 years old, good cover but poor delivery i think.

  3. TTH1978$$

    Thank you very much for explaining different strategy when approaching the stock market. Building a diverse portfolio.

  4. Love Games - Dating

    Thanks for the info. My brothers buys stocks through his bank. I have had mutual funds through my bank but is it any good compared to Robin Hood or Fidelity? Also, I do not use my cell phone for data and I am always on my laptop. Would Fidelity be better for me?

  5. nathan4469

    Hey great vids any recomendations on some books to read for beginners. I like hard copys best. Thanks.

  6. Tyrone Brown

    Thanks Ryan you're a true blessing. Man you're making a difference in the world.✌

  7. Cash King

    My two favorite things are investing in the stock market, and playing poker. So my username for my online poker account is Warren Bluffet! ; )

  8. Matthew Henning

    I’m looking to just have fun and not be serious on investments, do you have any recommendations

  9. oly neagu

    Hi there, I really want to be a stock investor and want to start in the next 6 months, currently I am still inexperienced but binge-watching your videos. I was wondering if any of you know a RobinHood alternative for eastern europe, particularly Romania. As many of the good investing apps are not available outside the US. Thanks for the videos, I learned a lot.

  10. 京都をンソニー

    Ever since i saw wolf of wall street, I don’t ever want to use a stock broker.

  11. JoeAceJR

    If you do chose to have the stocks be bought and sold automatically, could you override that yourself? What this means is could you chose to buy/sell at a different price? Could you change your ranges at any time for stocks to be bought and sold?

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