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Dead Rabbit Society documentary number 1. What is the Future Of Work? Investor Trailer

How do you see Al and automation impacting how we work in the coming decades?
What does this mean for how we educate our kids?

Will the current education system becomes redundant, and will we need to change our approach?

What implications will Al and automation have on our current social and political systems?

How can humanity move beyond the concept of paid employment, and what ramifications/toons do you see on a socio-political level?

How will the rise of Al impact us on an experiential level?

Do you see Al capable of having a contextual (human) understanding of the challenges it will face?

What will set humans apart from Al in the future — what can we do that it cannot?

Tell us what the impact of Al will be on the largest corporations on the planet?

Data is already a currency-so how we will use/abuse this currency under a society dominated by AI?

We have read that doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and also manual workers, such as truck drivers, will be made redundant by Al. What options will these people have to earn a living?

Humanity has been conditioned in the last centuries to believe its purpose is to work and consume. If half of this equation is missing, what will be the impact on our ability to function?

Do you think our brains are ready for the changes that AI will bring to our world?

How can humanity better prepare itself for the coming changes in how we see ourselves, what we prioritize, and how we measure our self-worth?

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